Matan Caspi set to release ‘Paranara’ on Eleatics Records featuring remixes from Kastis Torrau and Rauschhaus

Artist: Matan Caspi
Title: Paranara
Remixers: Kastis Torrau and Rauschhaus
Label: Eleatics Records
Release: 24th April 2017
Cat No: ELS003
Genre: Techno

Matan Caspi is the sort of artist who revels in Techno’s anonymity. Picking up a new musical game in the last couple of years that I have been following his involvement, evolving ways in dance music and so the interest is high with his upcoming release later in the month titled ‘Paranara’ released from Eleatics Records. As an original, the track showcases an exploration into deep bass and whooshing interiors and does the job of a Techno cut. With macho vocalism breaking the atmospheric loneliness one may encounter, you know this one’s made for late night drops in a dark club. The warmth caresses your ears, whilst the thudding bass line moves your feet, all the while the synths shimmer and the flurry of beats never leave you punching its way through the wobbles of the speakers.

The label ropes in Lithuanian music maker Kastis Torrau a recognised remixer nowadays to provide us with the first of two reworks. His interpretation works magic with the crunchy cleanliness of the bass, working in tandem with sheets of electronics dithering about in full effect, the vocal line gets a polished shine and gets more hype in this one. Plonky beats surround you with spectral strings and some nasty circuit breaking scrunch in between.

The other remix brings in Rauschhaus, whose work on the track has a swelling progression and a clenched bottom end. With fuselage that works as a Deep House offering than the other two. A modulated pulse flirts around the dubby bass lead line rustling busily in industrious percussion and he elects to do away with vocalization altogether, that makes his remix impersonal from the pack, yet it has all the finery to fit into the package.

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