Michael A’s – Endless Time is out soon on Juicebox Music including remixes from Blusoul and rAin.

Artist: Michael A.
Title: Endless Time
Label: Juicebox Music
Release date: 14th August 2017
Cat No: JBM020
Genre: Progressive House

It’s often easy to hear what a producer has brought to the table in a typical Juicebox into Michael A. setting. The Belarus musician caps all icebergs with this nifty progressive cut on a label that grows from strength to strength.

“Endless Time” purveys subtle velvety beats, caressing a runaway bass line, only to get throttled with avant-garde melody throughout its 7 minutes. Ever so gently traverses a Pygmalion break-down and shoots off to another stratosphere with its flirty full bodied riff that takes one here and there, never stopping yet with just enough hint of standoffish meet me on that corner of the floor and when you reach there, its moved ahead tingling so.

The label invites Greek producer Blusoul for the remix of the package, whose treatment is luscious and spacey, and far off from his previous works that rely heavily in multiple electronics. This rework is full, with a vocal peeking here and there, ever so softly, which adds a beauteous dreamy quality all over the track. He holds the melody line with toughness and layers it off to reach the farthest walls possible. Add a floaty pad that singes your brain and you can’t get enough of the guy’s talent that comes to full play with an arrangement such as this.

Finishing off the package rAin provides us a second reinterpretation which with-holds a slow galactic bass line thudding around, haunting and a hypnotizing pace that captures you in to its low end growly grip. A warbly break-down onwards the euphoric lid just bursts open for the record and you can do what the hell you want with the drummy insides that are inspired remix work. Great stuff!!


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