Are you an up and coming DJ, interested in a full featured interview, mix and guest on our global residents show? We are looking for new submissions

Congratulations to our previous winner and stay tuned for their winning mix and interview. We are now looking for June submissions.

So what is it? We are giving new DJs the chance to have your mix showcased on our site, a full featured interview and added to our global Residents radio show as our Editor in Chief Damion Pell explains:

“There is a whole world of talent that is not given the opportunity to be heard or to receive media exposure. We believe in supporting and nurturing new talent across so many genres and sit side by side of well known artists. Of course we are not just looking for any DJ that plays the latest Beatport Top 100, we are looking for technical skill, track selection, pushing boundaries, the ability to tell a story with a mix, rather than play a blinder peak time set (although we do love them) Part of being a DJ is to explore your own musical tastes and build upon it to reach out to your fans rather then just play the same music as everyone else. We think this is a great opportunity to help kick start a DJ career.”

So how does it work?

– Record your one hour mix
– Name it as Decoded Magazine Mix of the Month (add the month ie: August ) submission ( then add your name )
– Use our logo as your artwork
– Upload to either Mixcloud or Soundcloud
– Add your tracklisting
– Tag our Facebook page –
– Drop your mix into our group page at
– Share with your friends

It is that simple, but there are some rules:

– Do not spam your friends without permission (this means no unnecessary facebook tagging)
– You can play what you like, be it funk, soul, house, techno, progressive house, but under no circumstances it to be EDM or Trance
– You must include your tracklisting
– You must tag our Facebook page (how else will we follow your post)
– You must not use a live mix
ANY entries that do not follow the format are instantly disqualified

How is it judged?

– We are not looking for the most amount of plays
– Judging will be by our Editorial and A&R team, along with international guest DJs
– We are looking for mixes that are technical or tell a journey
– Entrants will be judged from a shortlist based on factors including positive feedback, track selection, quality, originality and technical ability.
– You may use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote or even your own database, it is up to you, but please respect peoples accounts and do not spam.
– A winner will be announced at the end of each month
– You can only submit ONE mix per month


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