Victorian Greens Party appeals to the Victorian Premiere to legalise pill testing

In an open letter and petition, the Victorian Greens have appealed to legalise pill testing for users. To find out more, head to and sign the petition

Dear Premier Andrews,

Thousands of Victorians this festival season will be taking party drugs and putting themselves at greater risk of overdose or death as they don’t know what’s in each pill or powder. Each year we see multiple cases of people dying needlessly, despite huge resources being funnelled into law enforcement, such as drug sniffer dogs at festivals.

The war on drugs is not working! We know that despite our tough law and order approach to drug taking, Australia has one of the highest drug taking rates in the world.

We need to focus on keeping people who do take drugs safe from deadly harm. Pill testing has been happening in Europe for years and has been proven to lower the amount of drug use and keep people alive.

Medical, scientific and legal experts agree that pill testing should be implemented immediately.

I urge you, Premier, bring in pill testing before we see more victims this festival season!


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