10 essential social media tips to promoting

Nobody said promoting was easy and it can make it that much harder if you do not have a mentor to guide you through the traps and pitfalls of running an event, I know myself from countless years of very successful events to absolute failures. You win some, you lose some, but if you follow a few steps, roll up your sleeves and work hard at it, you may just succeed. I recently spoke to one of our writers; Bertie who is also the owner of Bam Digital a UK Digital Agency that manages the PR of some hefty clients in fashion, music and events to get 10 essential tips to promoting that builds the very foundation of what you should be doing.

Whether you’re running a one off event, regular night or festival here are the 10 top tips to successfully advertise on or drive ticket sales on social media.

1. Create & grow your event. Only an average of 6% of your Facebook fans see anything you post organically. However every time you post in an event the attendees get a notification so don’t forget to also post ticket warnings etc in there. Don’t over post though as you don’t want to annoy your fans.

2. Tiered ticket pricing: Make sure to tier the ticket pricing and highlight on social when each tier is sold out. This demonstrates that the night is in demand and encourages others to buy – creating fear of missing out is hugely powerful on social.

3. Partnerships with brands – look for a brand with a similar audience to sponsor the night. E.g a clothing or drinks brand. Offer to put their logo on all your promo and gift DJ’s with their clothes in return for them talking about the night on their social.

4. Competitions – Run RT & FOLLOW competitions on Twitter or LIKE & SHARE competitions on Facebook. Ensure details of the event are on the post image so that these are being shared when people post the competition on their feeds to enter. Give away tickets as prizes as this can generate more sales. If you give away 2 tickets chances are those 2 people will bring their mates along.

5. Photo Albums – Put up photo albums from previous nights / events if possible to show people what they would be missing if they don’t attend this one. Encourage people to tag themselves & their friends to increase the reach. If the event is the first make sure to have a photographer there and get cards printed for them to give out after very photo directing people to your facebookto view their photos. This will drive attendees of the night to your social so you can target them again for your next event (include twitter handle on the card too).

6. Create a SoundCloud for your event so people can see what to expect from your night.

7. Post content that is interesting to your fans other than just driving ticket sales. EG: Relevant Music Content: Mix of the week / Mixes from the night,  Engaging Images: House Music / Techno / DJ / party quotes and memes, Throwback Thursday: Can be anything from a classic tune / LP to a photo from a past event ‘Who was there at this party?’ ‘Who remembers when…” Relevant Articles: Any interesting Mixmag, DJ Mag articles

8. Twitter – Retweet & interact: Retweet and reply to any relevant tweets eg music / venue / clubbing related from well knows sources to give the event credibility.

9. Countdowns: Countdown to the big event on social to build anticipation.

10. Facebook & Twitter advertising: Run ads on Facebook targeted to fans of the acts on the line up & similar acts. Limit your targeting to nearby areas to reduce wastage if relevant.

Like Ads – to grow your page
Promoted Post – post ticket & line up announcements
Promoted Event – Users can join your event straight from their newsfeed

Run ads on Twitter to users to followers of the acts on the line up & venue as well as similar accounts.
Promoted Accounts – to grow your page
Promoted Tweet – post ticket & line up announcements

These are fantastic points to get you started to a successful event though require dedication, attention to detail and most of all; a pure love and passion for the music and industry we live in, without that, you will not succeed.

For more information & social media advice contact social media event specialist agency BAM Digital at bertie@bamdigital.co.uk. If you require a website for your event or DJ profile, click here for more details


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