10 years in the making, Still Vor Talent release one of the finest label recaps we’ve ever heard

Artist : Various Artists
 / Oliver Koletzki
Title : 10 Years Stil vor Talent
Label : Stil vor Talent
Release : 1st April 2016
Genre : Tech House

Over the course of the past ten years, Stil vor Talent has striven to support emerging young artists, to continuously broaden and redefine its sound, and, ultimately, to create lasting memories, both on and off the dance floor. Presented by Oliver Koletzki, they mark the 10 year mark to say thank you to everyone who supported the music from the start.

“I am particularly proud of the 10 year anniversary of the label. Every one of our artists has contributed an exclusive, previously unreleased track, which results in a wonderful bundle of 25 sophisticated tracks ran ding from electronica to house and techno.” – Oliver Koletzki

With a mammoth 25 tracks covering established artists like Joachim Pastor, Animal Trainer and Oliver Koletzki to newer names like Several Definitions and Teenage Mutants, 10 years is not only a great album, but also a history lesson into one of the most diverse and difficult to pigeonhole genres of dance music. From the epic stylings of electro house cross over ‘Clean Slate’ to the grime of Boy Next Doors’ insistent ‘Bang’. Tech House can be many things to many people. Fortunately, Oliver Koletzki is something of a savant at A&R, such that the quality of each of the tracks is without question, and one can happily press play at the start and not worry about skipping anything! Highlights for me were Moonwalk & Rafael Cerato‘s epic soundscape – Synchron, the machine funk of Kellerkind – That Sound and Several Definitions ode to Bladerunner – No Decision.

Brilliant stuff from start to finish, here’s to the next 10 years!