Cinematique release ‘The Night Of The Fake Monsters’ by Barcelona based duo 181 Degree

Artist: 181 Degree
Title: The Night Of The Fake Monsters
Label: Cinematique Records
Released: Out Now!
Cat No: CIN094
Genre: Techno

Cinematique Records’ quest for searching hidden talent reaches out to hunt down Barcelona’s duo Bnel who is a DJ, Producer and multi-instrumentalist, and Lachanse, both of whom have a solid background in Jazz. This two tracker starts off with ‘Ghost’ that starts things off quietly, yet surely builds into an unashamed swaying piece, filling the requirements of being an electronic dance music cut. It’s slow crunchy beats fester throughout the minutes built on a slick rhythm and shimmering synths play a subtle backdrop until it condenses around accumulating undulating bass and understated percussion for an all round forceful package.

Next up, ‘Monster’ is not far away from the previous original, is kinda plucky, cranking the echo, moody organ and buttering on the bass which goes on to successfully tease out the ambiance with some variations in place every so often. You could be forgiven for casting a cynical eye on this release given its caustic appearance as a not so much of a commercial Techno folder.

In comes French Techno music maker, Teho to grind out the former track with a remix. He transforms the fragility of the original with smoothness and cranks up an underlying bass that shudders as if it were to break through to every part of the room. Keeping most of the electronics in place, augmenting everything with clever production skills, the result is the rework is brimming over with racy, breezy beats and everything else in between.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.