Ryan Davis’ Klangwelt allow us exclusive access to their new EP from 1979

The 25th release of Klangwelt is covered again by Italian artists, 1979 who has already proved his position on our label as an artist to keep an eye on for the future. His recipe of analogue and minimalistic ingredients mixed with the right portion of composition and excitement makes his music both emotional and very functional to play out.

“The making process was not the same for the three tracks. While for Permissions it took me just an afternoon to have the main structure of the songs, for Doors and Escape the thing was a little bit longer. I firstly drew some sounds sketches, and I start to jam with those for several days; I wanted the different synths to fit well together!” – 1979

1979 may represent a past love for one of the best rock/shoegaze tune of the nineties, but who knows? It’s certainly the name of the new project of electronic music by Giovanni Salviato. Based in the north of Italy, between the always inspiring Alps and the city of Venice, Giovanni is trying to develop a sound that blends his ambient and shoegaze tastes with a new drive to electronic, micro house and techno. 1979 started his mission in 2015 with two fresh works, one of those released by Cut, a netlabel founded by Stillhead. His music is described by the German imprint as “soulful, organic sounding tech house and like in the Italian kitchen, he is using simple but high-quality ingredients to make his style this tasty”. 
His new EP “Doors” will be released soon on Klangwelt.

“I like to think that 1979 and Klangwelt/Back Home chose each other! I’ve always been a fan of their label roster and as well inspired by their sound (Ryan Davis, Applescal, Mattheis, Vaghe Stelle..) so I decided to get in touch with them! I hope to grow and grow as an artist and to give my positive contribution to the music of the label.” – 1979