2020 : A modular synth with a difference

Here’s a kickstarter campaign we can definitely get behind. 2020: The Semi Modular Beat-Machine. The project is spearheaded by Yotaro Shuto, an electronic musician who performs in DUB-Russell. DUB-Russell is a Japanese electronic music group, started in 2010.

All of their original sounds are created with Cycling ’74 Max software, and alongside their live performance, they use real-time computer improvisation/non-reproducible music. DUB-Russell has performed frequently in Tokyo, along with international events including Sonar Sound Tokyo (2012), ELEKTRA16 (2015, Montreal), meme city (2015, Hangzhou), BRDG and more.

kickstarter 2020 synth

The concept of 2020 is very simple:
1. Generate a million sound/sequence variations from a single, small idea.
2. Make entire beats in just one screen (without scrolling or switching windows).

The user interface is designed like the console of a spaceship – all functions can be controlled in one simple screen. 2020 has many randomising functions built in, allowing over 500 parameters to be manipulated freely. By controlling the probabilities and variation ranges of these functions, you can perform and produce as a live conductor.

In the future, and after funding is gathered, Yotaro is working on recording the performance (.WAV or AIFF). He is also planning a new recording format with stem sounds and clock data – this will take a few months before it is featured, but once this is done, you will be able to overdub to you (or your friends’) records, perfectly in sync.