Could this gravity defying 360 degrees video be the future of music?

Here’s an interesting article we came across from The Creators Project.
Some 360° videos ask for attention, simply by virtue of being in 360 degrees. Others earn it in exceptionally creative fashion, as artist Greg Barth does with his The Future of Music film. In the playfully surreal tradition of Michel Gondry, Barth’s 360° video follows the fictional character Carré Bleu, a famous music producer who can “modulate time, space and gravity” to create the music of the future.

Barth sets up “The Future of Music,” which was scored by Polar Youth, as a mockumentary interview of sorts. In it, Bleu explains a “new range of retro-futuristic human instruments” that he is using to create experimental sounds. Viewers can look around the space in 360 degrees, where they will encounter GIF-like moments of physics-defying human instruments, along with the maestro Bleu’s terse responses to interview questions.

Barth recommends that viewers experience the 360° video on the YouTube or Google Cardboard app on iOS or Android. While he says the iPad works best, it can also be experienced on a desktop or laptop running the Chrome browser, using the cursor to navigate. Check out The Future of Music below: