The Vinyl revolution continues apace as UK label 3am return to wax after a 12 year hiatus

Let me take you back ten or so years, to a time when many of us were still regularly buying vinyl. Life was good, the quality of the music was outstanding, but we could see mp3 starting to take a foothold. Many labels folded, others diversified. I remember vividly all my local stores closing one by one, and the HMV turning its vinyl section into additional CD racking overnight. Vinyl had become too expensive, too cumbersome and obsolete.

Time has told its story though, and many still want that physical product; that unwritten but globally accepted seal of quality, and so, slowly, labels are beginning to press vinyl once more. Al Bradley’s UK based house label, 3am Recordings is one such imprint taking the plunge. So after 10 years away from vinyl, 3am Wax Vol.1 hails a triumphant return to 12 inches on the label. For the relaunch on wax, the EP features an all-3am cast of producers, three making their debut on vinyl and one making a return to 12′ after a 12 year gap.

It seems only right that the lead track should come from Al, making his debut on 12′ on his own label. Kindergesicht is a bass heavy affair gaining wide range appeal from James Reid (Cafe Mambo) to Paco Osuna and Nadja Lind.  The EP also features 3am regular & Midnight Social Recordings main-man Carlo Gambino, also making his vinyl debut, Ben Dean and returning 3am veteran Michael Scott.