Review 3KZ – Parallel Reflections FIDES006 2 x 12″ LP

Rarely you are sent an artist’s first album on promo and your swept away with it and sit back and listen to the whole playlist without skipping once because it just gets better track after track. This rare occurrence happened when “Parallel Reflections” by 3KZ arrived for promo review from Fides Records.

Hailing from Italy, Kaelan & Z.I.P.P.O aka 3KZ announce their first album “Parallel Reflections”. A jaw dropping aural trip is one way to sum this album after the voodoo within it took over. Standout is an understatement for some of the tracks featured on this upcoming release on Fides Records. The journey on this album takes you back to the vibe on techno in the 90s, a hybrid sound ranging reminiscent of greats like Laurent Garnier, 808 state to blissful melodic techno soundscapes of F.S.O.L. Haruka on this album instantly hooks in as one of the standout tracks of 2017 so far.

Words don’t do this album justice.


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