5 reasons why the whole ENTER Experience is built around the music that paints the ENTER. story and the talent and creativity of the Enter artists is irreplaceable

Bjarki – ‘I Wanna Go Bang’ – The track beltin’ out on my arrival. Couldn’t have fitted the scene better when I pranced in mid main-room set by Rodhad..

ENTER. Week 2 was gonna be another treasure and I was unbelievably hyped about seeing the Berlin based ‘Breakthrough Techno Artist of the Year’ who got his big break in 2012 and has evolved to the genius he is today alongside Richie Hawtin and his mega 4 hour set that’s a weekly treat for the ENTER. tribe. It’s safe to say from the moment I got there right until the very last second, ENTER Week 2 has confirmed that it’s one of my favourite events in Ibiza in 2015 and I won’t be missing a single one…

It’s crystal clear that the whole Enter Experience is built around the music that paints the ENTER. story and the talent and creativity of the Enter artists is irreplaceable. There’s no other music like it in the world with that signature sound that is everything about ENTER. Every single week, every single act and every single set takes me on a journey and I absolutely love it!!!

Here are the 5 things I loved the most about ENTER Week 2 at Space Ibiza…

RODHAD – The Berlin based techno craftsman Rodhad played an awesome set from 2 – 3.30am in ENTER.main which blew me and the beat-lovers away as expected – he was the one I was most excited about. His sound, his style, his ambience, he just has something no one else has. His set to start with was loaded with bouncy but hard techno selections and rallied round to heavier more hefty industrial basslines that pushed the boundaries on the ENTER. dancefloor with tracks such as his own ‘Kinder Der Ringwelt’ and Robert Hood’s ‘Protein Valve’. Everyone who was on that beloved floor of mine in the ENTER.main room was there to see this guy and they appreciated his presence like mad. Rodhad has a really good aura when he’s up there behind the decks and as his last track closed in he got a MASSIVE cheer from the fans to which he looked up shyley and replied with a wee smile and a wave of gratitude. How nice is that? Rodhad we love you!


THE PASSION – The ENTER. fans are worldwide and share a quality with each other that shone through at ENTER. Week 2 – a passion for all things that are exciting about techno, some sporting the all-black clothing or the ENTER. black dot to show their love for the music and the ENTER. philosophy. The line up of ENTER. Week 2 with Rodhad, Bella Sarris, TM404, AME,Enzo Siragusa, Paco Osuna and, of course, the mastermind Richie Hawtin brought together a world of passionate people to celebrate the music together in a setting only they would experience and the fans aren’t shy to let loose their devotion to the ENTER. artists. The amount of hands in the air in ENTER.main through the whole night was unreal! And when there’s hands in the air like they just don’t care, people are getting lost in the music – PASSION allows me to get lost in the music and seeing everyone else in the same mindframe is a beautiful thing – which is why this is one of my favourite things about ENTER.Week 2.


THE ENTER. EXPERIENCE – The 5 specially transformed areas of Space Ibiza – ENTER.Sake, ENTER.main, ENTER.terrace, ENTER.mind and ENTER.cntrl are all carefully and creatively designed to take us on a journey through everything ENTER. and the artists are our gateways to that journey… I can’t push enough that everyone’s ENTER. experience will be different to one another’s, but a tailor-made, irreplaceable night is ahead of us at every single event. Whole new levels of the music technology are experimented with such as artists bringing new equipment together to try new sound experiences and Richie Hawtin live-streaming his track list via twitter as he plays his set at Space Ibiza – what an awesome touch that has never been done before! I started my ENTER. week 2 party with my first true sake bar experience – a truly unique new aspect of my clubbing experiences brought to me by Richie Hawtin’s crazy love for the Japanese culture + Sushi community. Two special limited-edition sake’s never been tasted out of Japan before, ENTER and DOT were a really special start to my techno delight ahead…


THE BUILD-UPS + DROPS – The build ups + drops at ENTER. week 2 were unreal! Everyone knows I’m a massive techno head and the heavier the better!!! But good lord, this one was a playground for the build ups and drops we got constantly pounded around the dancefloor with! Rodhad did it to us, TM404 did it to us… but most of all RICHIE did it to us the most! I’ve said before, the ENTER. artists always take me on a journey with their sets and keep the beats exciting and intriguing but what better way to do it than to build us up into a hurricane of the sounds we love the most… then blast a heavy, industrial drop right onto us at the least expected time. Tracks like Ambivalent – Janus and some by my firm faves Trevino and Bjarki who are huge bangin’ names in the beat game were contributors to the heaviness and my complete joy of the sets at ENTER. week 2 that made me almost fall over the bass when it hit me hard in the face on that beloved drop!!!


RICHIE HAWTIN – Of Course!! The man behind it all – the pioneering Canadian electronic artist and technology adventurer behind everything ENTER. is the one who brings me beats beyond belief, the intriguing ENTER. philosophy, the incredible ENTER. exravaganza at Space Ibiza – a 5 room adventure boasting all-night dancing and world class techno artists. He is an electronic futurist, an innovator of technology and performance and a musical genius. I absolutely LOVE seeing my main man Richie play and ENTER week 2 was no exception. He will never stop in his mission and I’ll be there for as many steps of the way as I can… Yes, Richie Hawtin – you are one of the 5 things I loved most about ENTER. week 2. And probably every ENTER. at that!

Photography from Jordi Cervera Photography

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