5 Senses Festival compile their travel guide for Koh Phangan

February 2019 will see the second edition of 5 Senses Thailand, a boutique Festival in Thailand’s tropical paradise of Koh Phangan. Imagine yourself bathing in clear blue-green waters, lazing about on white sand beaches, gazing at lush flora and fauna in guaranteed hot sun all while some of the world’s best DJs provide the soundtrack… you have arrived at 5 Senses Eco Festival.

Koh Phangan has been a famous place to getaway from the everyday world for many years, not just because the location is a piece of paradise but because local Thai culture is also so special. It means that without a doubt this is all set to be one of the most unique holiday and musical experiences anywhere in the world.

This exciting festival is designed to tickle each of the five senses of the human body. It will showcase the best record labels and agencies deep in the tropical jungle, with mountain and ocean views. The year 2 location promises to deliver. Inside you will find more than just the music. World class fire shows, high rope dancers, world class visuals and decor, entertainers and food from every corner of the world will all be lined up and accommodation is better than your average festival with the finest hostels, hotels, resorts and villas in partnership, providing the best service and a luxury place to rest your head.

The new festival location has been carefully selected to ensure a every human sense is tickled. With 4 days and nights of non stop music all inclusive of the most breathtaking views and emotion driving settings, plus the highest quality production across the festival, this really will be a magically memorable festival capped at 2000 people only.

We’ll now hand it over to 5 Senses Festival to share their insiders guide to Koh Phangan ahead of their second edition festival 14th-19th February.

Best place to get a quick bite

Thong Sala is a great place to get a quick bite. It has food markets and plenty of stands where you can get delicious Thai food at a cheap price.

Best Dancefloor

We at 5 Senses have been constructing it for a couple of months. Directly on top of the ocean, by night all you can see is a blanket of stars and squid boats, and the moon light drifts across the water in an almost watercolour painting effect. By day it’s green and blue oceans from my far left to right, meeting the mountains and a clear blue sky above! It’s big, and it’s magic! It’s a combination of everything wonderful the island has to offer, with the elevation of the floor also, the panorama is perfect. Imagine walking into that after just arriving to the Island, and seeing it full of people, with amazing music from the likes of Behrouz or Francesca Lombardo. We are really Sensual enthusiasts, with a keen eye for what makes your experience the absolute best. We have here not 1, but the 3 best dance floors in all of Asia, without any doubt!!

Best place for activities

The island is filled with various activities so it depends on what you are looking for. The North and East have beautiful beaches with snorkelling, Thong Sala and Haad Rin have plenty of stores if you want to go shopping, and there are plenty of water and other land-based activities sprinkled throughout the island.

Best place for a date

Alcove is our personals favourite, with its wonderful decor and lighting, fire shows and live vocalists, of Jazz musicians on nightly to set the mood. You can even have a private table right over the water.

Best place to relax

Zen Beach, a beautiful long beach, where every sunset a lot of beautiful people hang out, and float on the beach and talk to one another while the sky begins to light up with crazy colours as the sun goes down slowly over the flat water in front.

Best place for sightseeing

The entire island is breathtaking with amazing views, but if you can stomach the hike in the tropical heat, Koh Ra Mountain provides one of the most breath taking views on the planet. Being the highest point on the multi terrain island, it really gives you another feeling.

Best place to deal with a hangover

Getting a foot massage in one of the of many massage shops, and follow it up with a fresh fruit shake of your choice from the Pantip Food Market, in Tong Sala. Guaranteed to make your night better after a heavy one the night before.

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