50:Hertz want to unite the Techno world at ADE 2016 with a showcase of global underground artists. And it’s free!

50:HERTZ presents: The United Techno Showcase
22nd October 2016
12:00 – 20:00 | Free entrance

Be it a label or an individual artist, in this overcrowded Techno scene we all work hard to try and stand out among the masses. 50:HERTZ started with a small group of like-minded people that had the idea to combine our abilities and bundle our influences and expertise. But why concentrate this to a small select group? The Techno scene is known for it’s friendly character among artists and the willingness to support new talent. Techno is a genre full of passion for the music.

50:HERTZ consists of the artists: Jamie Fullick, Digital Duplex, SAMA, IGor, Full On Funk and Diction. Together we want to create a community and we started out doing so through our weekly Radio show, which is broadcasted on Deep FM (NL) and Diesel FM (USA.). In the ever-growing world of social media it is a must to have a strong online platform. 50:HERTZ will work towards building a strong online community, focusing purely on anything that is Techno, from producer to party goer and back around to event organizations.

What would happen if we took it a step further and brought the Techno community even closer to each other by way of a big Techno showcase event created by all of us together? Who knows, let’s try it, that’s what we say! And when would be better to host an event like that than during the Amsterdam Dance Event. With so much of the industry in the same city at the same time it is the perfect opportunity.


There are countless parties and label events during the Amsterdam Dance Event, each attracting their own network and audience. With 50:HERTZ we want to create an event whereby people from all corners of the Techno scene come together in one location. Where better to host such an event than at one of the greatest techno venues of Amsterdam, the Westerliefde (Located next to the Gashouder where Awakenings is held).

Our goal is to make this a success and see the return off this official event annually at Amsterdam Dance Event. One event, one location for event organizations, labels, artists, blogs, magazines and of course also a fun Amsterdam techno crowd. Simply for anybody connected to the techno scene professionally or for the love of the music. To call it “Our” event and post another flyer on the Amsterdam Dance Event site, would simply make it just another event among the so many others. We want to take it a step further and represent a setting hosted by all of our participating invitees. Together as one to make a massive statement to show what the techno community is all about.