55 Cancri e’s brilliantly melancholy mini album on Kenneth Bagers Music For Dreams has us in a spin.

Artist : 55 Cancri e
Title : Belsebubs Tarar
Label : Music For Dreams
Release : 30th October 2015
Genre : Chill Out / Electronica

55 Cancri e aka Sara Hausenkamp is a Swedish musician/artist from Malmö. She started out playing classical guitar as a child and teenager and then went on to play keyboards in various bands in Sweden. In 2013 she moved to Berlin and started playing keyboards, guitars and singing with electro duo Naftik.  55 Cancri e is her solo project which started in the summer of 2014.

Described as ‘night music from outer space with tunes dusted in diamonds’, the gentle eclectic productions on ‘Belsebubs Tarar’ (translated as the Devil’s tears) are awash in waves of sensitive guitars, crying synthesizers, flutes, wine glasses, organs, melodika and haunting voices. Apart from her spellbinding music, she also expresses herself through illustrations, collages, photos, writing, painting, and fanzine-making.

This beautifully crafted mini album starts with the beguiling Anger, Hausenkamp drenches the listener in delicately plucked guitar and winsome keys before her vocal talents take the lead. I’m instantly transported to a world of dreams and melancholy promise. Belsebubs Tarar 1 is a touch more upbeat and joyful; her voice acting as a tonal instrument to augment the gaggle of the melodika and organ pads. Belsebubs Tarar 2 goes darker and is more drone led with the guitars and FX breaking the monotony brilliantly.

Vaggvisa sees Hausenkamp in a mournful mood with a full song. The guitar here carving a path through the dense arrangement like a knife through butter. Even though the song is sung in Swedish, it takes nothing away from the vibe and atmosphere of the piece, and actually feels more formed than the previous 3 tracks. Nattsvart starts very slowly. Ambient textures create a tension and the guitar again breaks through to be the star of the show. The track gains pace as new elements are added, but never really reach a cliched crescendo. Here a short break – a bar – drops the pressure and the track ends in magnificent melody. Rounding out this delightfully atmospheric mini album is Ursprunget, the longest track clocking in at 6 mins, and could well be mistaken for an instrument Doves track. Its wonderful.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of a rocky Clannad/ M83 or indeed a female Sigur Ros, then this is very much what you’re looking for!