8bitdo’s N30 Wireless Mouse is a Nintendo-inspired retro gaming lover’s dream

For PC users, a mouse peripheral is an absolute necessity and the wireless variety is both convenient and easy-to-use. However, most of them look pretty ugly or boring, let’s face it. If you want to add something to your setup with a bit more of a retro gaming style then 8bitdo’s N30 Wireless Mouse might just be right up your street.

With just one glance, even those with only a passing familiarity with video games will recognise the N30’s inspiration from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, both of the N30’s buttons and the thumb-operated d-pad have designs lifted directly from Nintendo’s signature NES controller. The throwback styling does hide some modern features including a touch panel for scrolling between the two buttons, a 10-meter effective range, and a AA battery life of up to 120 hours.

Get an N30 wireless mouse here right now for just $25.

Source: hiconsumption.com

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