A bar made out of old IKEA mattresses wins architecture prize

A bar made out of old IKEA mattresses has won the architecture prize at Chart 2019, ahead of structures built from latex, salt, paper and jute fabric. Sultan is one of five food and drinks kiosks built by young Danish architects and students for an exhibition at Chart, an art and design fair that took place in Copenhagen over the weekend.

The challenge was to experiment with how reusable or recycled materials could be used to create more sustainable architecture. Anne Bea Høgh Mikkelsen, Katrine Kretzschmar Nielsen, Klara Lyshøj, and Josefine Østergaard Kallehave designed and built theirs using every component of IKEA’s bestselling mattress.

The designers hoped to make a statement about “mindless consumerism”. They wanted to highlight the issues in an economic system where it is cheaper and easier to buy new products rather than to recycle old ones.

The project is named Sultan, like the mattress, and repurposes its metal springs, foam stuffing and fabric. These form multilayered, textured walls for the double-height, timber-framed structure.

All five of the student-built pavilions were in use for the three days of Chart. Sultan served as a bar for 1664 Blanc, while the other four offered up other varieties of food and drink.

Source: dezeen.com

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