A new version of Volta Create has arrived, bringing XR visual creation to the masses

Volta Create provides a platform for artists to generate high-quality visuals which can be streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Mixcloud, Twitch or TikTok. The latest version promises incredible designs and aesthetics used by Bonobo, Jamie Jones, TSHA and more during headline shows at Glastonbury.

Among Volta Create’s many features are custom resolutions that allow users to choose any rectilinear resolution, a new graphic generator to facilitate text, shapes and kaleidoscope effects, Ableton Link settings and MIDI mapping for a range of DJ devices. Future plans include giving users the ability to monetise live streams, though the platform itself will remain free to use.

Imogen Heap has endorsed the software, having used Volta Create to generate visual effects in the video for the song Last Night Of An Empire. Streaming the one-take performance live, Volta Create was used to live-generate the video’s visuals, with fans being invited to choose their favourite take.

DJ Yoda also used the platform to design and live stream a DJ set, Cinema Yoda, via Twitch, while Machinedrum broadcast a performance from New York City via the Point Black Music School YouTube channel that made extensive use of the platform. Renowned Ibiza venue Amnesia Club has also incorporated Volta Create into its events, transforming the club into an audio-responsive “3D mixed reality experience”, generated in real-time.

Volta Create is the first software of its kind: it’s free, does not require any specialised knowledge or skill set and is compatible with all desktops.

You can find out more about Volta Create, download the software, and try it out yourself HERE.

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