A portable vinyl cutter is now available

Since the invention of records in 1889, mankind has been dreaming of an affordable machine to produce small editions of high quality records right on top of the office desk, or even the living room table. Today, more than 120 years later, the production of records is still locked up behind the walls of pressing plants.

Allow us to introduce the PHONOCUT HOME VINYL RECORDER. For the first time, anyone can now make quality records at home with just the push of a button.

Most importantly, you do NOT need any technical background to operate our PHONOCUT. All you have to do is following 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Put the PHONOCUT Vinyl Blank (available from PHONOCUT, first 5 blanks are included) onto the turntable.
Step 2: Connect the device to the audio source of your choice (Using a 1/8″ stereo mini jack).
Step 3: Press the Start Button to start the recording.
Step 4: Press the Start Button again to end the recording (maximum playtime will be 10-15 minutes, depending on the sonic profile of the audio)

Yes it can! Please have a look at this UNCUT VHS Video demonstration directly from our hotel room at the Making Vinyl Conference in LA, featuring our fully functional PHONOCUT and Arts and Music Technologist KamranV:

Even if you might never have thought about creating your personal vinyl record so far (and even if you do not even own a turntable yet!!), you will easily fall in love with our PHONOCUT as it opens up a whole new universe of creative possibilities. Please allow us to start inspiring you with a first short list of some exciting projects we enjoyed the most while playing around with our first, fully functional prototype.

A. PHONOCUT Mix Tape Records

Especially for > Everybody

The perfect way to cast digital music into analog grooves. Create your very personal PHONOCUT from your favorite digital playlists or even the radio. Bring back the iconic feeling of the glorious mix tape era and never forget that maybe there has never been a better way to say “I miss you” or “I love you” than with a very carefully selected personal dedicated recording of no other kind.

B. Small Record Editions wherever you are – Your first own record

Especially for > Musicians and DJs

Playing an intimate or unique gig and wanting to capture the special vibes and sound waves of this event directly to vinyl? Doing your own recording session has never been easier. No matter if you play in a small club, on the street, or even if you just love to sing in your bathroom or loosing big time in tonight’s late night Karaoke battle. Additionally, PHONOCUT enables you to produce records of your own songs on demand, producing them on the fly in real time whenever a listener buys your record.

C. Perfect Test Records – Professional Studios

Especially for > Studio owners and record labels OK. This section is easy, because in our understanding every single studio owner should right away pledge for this magic machine that will finally enable him to immediately produce unlimited amounts of super affordable test cuts of recording sessions. Downscaling the financial pre-investment in expensive equipment dramatically!!

For more information, head to phonocut

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