You can now export to Ableton Live from your iOS device when using Auxy

There are a few minor changes in version 5.4 of Auxy, the iOS sequencing app, but one very notable one: the ability to export your projects for use in Ableton Live.

Exporting to Live is simple, with the addition of the option alongside Auxy’s other export commands. Your Auxy instruments will come through to Live as both MIDI and audio tracks, so you can replace the sounds or simply get to work on what you already had… or both.

This makes Auxy one of the growing number of iOS music making apps that can export projects to Ableton’s DAW, which has been facilitated by the company’s developer-friendly policy. An SDK is available that has made Live export possible in apps like Korg Gadget.

Auxy is free from the Apple App Store, although you’ll need to subscribe to get your fingers on sound packs and samples within the app.

Ian French
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