Adam Beyer & Raxon collaborate for ‘The Signal’, Beyer’s first Truesoul release since 2015

This year has been one of Adam Beyer’s most prolific of his career, so it seems fitting he’d end it with a return to Drumcode’s little brother imprint Truesoul. His last dance on Truesoul was way back in 2015 with the masterful quartet of rollers ‘Time Flies’, which highlighted the Ibiza summer back then.

Needless to say, we’d been salivating at the idea of Beyer and ‘Rax’ pairing up for a musical date. “I’ve been releasing music on both Adam’s labels since 2017, so when he hit me up back in May with the idea of making a track together, I was both interested and curious to see what could we come up with. Both of us have a similar natural workflow, with no rush and nothing forced. I guess that’s what the Mediterranean does to you.” – Raxon

The pair took their time swapping ideas back and forth until Beyer shared the main bassline groove for the Day Mix of ‘The Signal’ and the collaboration immediately started to take shape. The track is built around a riveting call-and-response synth lead, while a mélange of gritty drums with a foot in electro, cosmic and psy, drive proceedings forward. The Night Mix increases the intensity, tuning the main melody for late-night, pumping dancefloor moments.  

“I’m happy to be back on Truesoul for my first-ever collaboration with Raxon. I’ve loved Raxon’s sound for years, it’s very unique. We’re also really good mates so working together feels logical and smooth. The result of our first collaboration is ’The Signal’, which features a Day Mix and a Night Mix, that captures our different vibes. Both really cool tracks” – Adam Beyer

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