Adam Shelton and Subb-an combine for the latest release on One Records

Artist: Adam Shelton and Subb-an feat. Isis Salam
Title: Only Now / Self Control
Label: One Records
Cat No: ONE041
Released: Out Now!

One Records is back with their first release this year which is a two tracker by none other than the label bosses themselves Adam Shelton and Subb-an. The label had a massive year last year adding new releases to their catalogue by artists such as Gabriels and Eda and Yamen, finishing off 2016 with Tuccillo & Shaun Reeves’, ‘Smile’. On their quest to spread music they keep true to their style of keeping the number of releases low but always aiming for high quality.

Based in Birmingham, Adam Shelton is recognized for his raw and vivid style drawing on genres ranging from house, over acid and disco to techno. His skills in moving between genres have led him to play some of the biggest venues in the world such as Berghain, Fabric, and Glastonbury. Adam kicks off the release with his track “Only Now”. Building around a heavy basis of 808 drums he works with the acidy synth to create a high energy and funked up vibe complimented by the vocals of Isis Salam.

Subb-an is operating as a force within the electronic music scene, both in the UK and worldwide. His characteristic style of pushing the crowds with energetic music is found both in his DJ sets and his productions. The second track “Self Control” puts the groove in focus. Working with a strong and rolling bassline supported by tight percussions, Subb-an has created the perfect foundation for Isis Salam to add a note of sexy and rough vocals flowing dynamically with the groove.

A varied EP that shows just how diverse possibilities exist in working with vocals, although the two tracks draw on different themes and directions, they come together and provide a specter of sounds. No doubt both songs will find their way to the audience’s hearts.

About the Author

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