Adana Twins celebrate the first anniversary of their label TAU with the release of the ‘Offline’ EP

It’s been a year since the Adana Twins conceived their label TAU. In that time they have successfully signed and released a slew of tracks that have captured the imaginations of influential selectors and dancefloor lovers alike. To celebrate their first anniversary, and all the success it has brought them, the Adana Twins take charge of their label’s 10th release with a three-tracker full of high quality, melodic electronica aimed straight at the floor.

Kicking off with D.J.A.M.H. the duo get straight into it with a stirring analogue bassline that pulsates with dark intent. Gentle pads envelop the low end, counteracting the darkness with a lighter atmosphere. An extended breakdown, punctuated by Ridoutt’s spoken word vocal ushers in the dramatic main body of the track. The bass is modulated and warped, the pads become eerie and drum rolls heighten the tension. A second breakdown pushes the energy levels higher as a contagious melody joins the fray and we’re transported out of our bodies into an unknown realm.

Next up is ‘Maya’, which hits hard from the outset with its jabbing beats. A wistful, melancholy melody sweeps across the chunky drum patterns, touching our hearts with its sorrowful tune. The main riff comes in after a couple of minutes, adding more emotion to the sombre narrative. This is a cut that will move the dancefloor physically and emotionally, encouraging contemplation and perhaps some nostalgia.

Lastly, ‘Spaceman’ turns things gnarly with its grumbling b-line and slap funk beats. As per usual, the Adana Twins create a magical melody that prances above the low end enchanting the listener and whisking them away to dreamland. Meanwhile, the snarling bass maintains its belligerent flow, advancing with malicious intent. A kooky breakdown lightens the mood before we’re immersed in another wonderful blend of rugged bass and playful melody.

Clearly, in a celebratory mood, the Twins deliver an outstanding EP as they hit TAU’s first anniversary. A fitting release for a label that is going from strength to strength.

1. D.J.A.M.H. feat. Ridoutt
2. Maya
3. Spaceman

Adana Twins’ ‘Offline’ EP will be released on November 22.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!