Your guide to Amsterdam with Hosh, Magdalena, Edwin Oosterwal, Marcel Fengler and SAMA

Amsterdam Dance Event has kicked off for another year, drawing in over 400 000 visitors to the Dutch city, but between the parties, conferences, endless meetings and dodging bicycles, there is so much to see and do whilst in the beautiful city.

We spoke to Hosh, Magdalena, Edwin Oosterwal, Marcel Fengler and SAMA for all the little hidden gems on what to explore, dine, shop, eat and recharge yourself between raving.

HOSH will play Sound-Fleet x Fryhide On the Water ADE showcase on October 19th alongside Tone Depth, GROJ (live), SIMAO, 1979
Tickets & info:

Best place to get a quick bite to eat – Febo
I think that FEBO is just the best place to get in the right mood when you in Amsterdam. The classic Dutch fast food never disappointed me with the classic Broodje Kroket, that will be your must-try if you’ve never been there!

Best place for dinner – Cafe Partisan
I don’t know if I can say that this is the best place for dinner in Amsterdam but I can definitely recommend it!
Cafe Partisan! I went there in May this year before my gig in De Marktkantine with my tour manager Johnny and Miss Melera and I have to say that we had a great meal. Oysters were delicious!

Best place to buy records – Rush Hour
Unfortunately, my busy touring schedule doesn’t let me much time to go digging anymore. Anyway, I used to love to go to Rush Hour some years ago when in Amsterdam. The place is cozy, located in a lovely area called Spui, their house selection is always great…

Best bar – Pllek
For me Pllek is The Place, an old industrial warehouse transformed into a beautiful bar/restaurant along the River Ij. I’m just happy to sit there, have a nice beer and watching the sunset…

Best dance floor – De Marktkantine
Studio 80 used to be my favorite club in Amsterdam due to our long Diynamic history but recently I have to say that De Marktkantine is on top of my list. My last gig there was really on point: nice crowd, good soundsystem, and amazing lights … Met the whole team few days later as well at Circoloco in Ibiza and that just shows the determination.

Best place to relax – Westerpark
My favorite place to chill down in Amsterdam is probably Westerpark, a nice green park just outside of the center.
It is very nice cause you can walk in the nature and also there are some cool spots to sit along the water and have a bite and a nice beer!

Best place for sightseeing – Nemo Terrace
No doubts on this one, the best view of Amsterdam is the terrace of the Nemo Museum! Very close to Central Station, the Nemo Museum is a very interesting science museum (mostly for Kids) and an amazing piece of architecture by Renzo Piano. Above that, there’s also this terrace with a bar where you can enjoy Amsterdam from a very nice panoramic point.

Best place to deal with a hangover – Sapporo Ramen Sora
I usually really like to eat hot and quite fatty food after a crazy night, like for example a nice Japanese ramen!
My favorite in Amsterdam is definitely Sapporo Ramen Sora in De Pijp. I tried once the Tonkotsu there and it was one of the best in my life. The place is also cozy and quite intimate, I will come back!

Magdalena will play her Shadows ADE boat party showcase on October 17th alongside Michael Mayer, Gheist, Tom Zeta and more
Tickets & info:

Best place to get a quick bite to eat
Spaghetteria – Fresh, on-site homemade pasta makes this place a definite. Each night you can enjoy six different dishes that are worth y of sale in Italy herself.

Best place for dinner
Happy Happy Joy Joy – Not only is Asian the food here exceptional, but a rich far eastern spirit also comes at you through the colours, textures, scenery and lighting to the venue.

Best place to buy records
Waxwell Records – For new, old and rare Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Reggae and Pop records, there is nowhere better than this cosy hidden gem.

Best bar
Bar Botanique – This is a green oasis in the middle of town with lovely burgers, delicious cocktails and a late night dance floor to enjoy.

Best place for a date
Ton Ton Club West – Japanese inspired hideout Ton Ton has various gaming machines, multi-levels to explore and great drinks so you can have some fun while falling in love.

Best place to relax
Yagoy Yoga Studio – Yoga is nourishment for the mind body and soul. Whether you’re a first timer or pro, this place will have you doing downward dog in no time.

Best place for sight seeing
De Drie Fleschjes – Sip on a wide range of Dutch Gin (Jenevers), including Corenwyn from Lucas Bols and a variety of liquors such as “Half and Half” with paintings of Amsterdam Mayors on the walls and a nice intimate, old school feel.

Best place to deal with a hangover
Brunch at Gs – Once you’ve danced and drunk too much, head here for a hearty feed to pick up your spirits and make you ready to go again.

Edwin Oosterwal
Edwin Oosterwal will play the Rejected ADE Boat Party showcase on October 16th alongside Franky Rizardo, Steve Bug, Josh Butler, Dennis Quin
Tickets & info:
Check out his new release with Dennis Quin on Rejected here:

Best place to get a quick bite to eat
Bella Storia’s pizzeria bakes delicious fresh handmade authentic pizzas with the best traditional ingredients. One of the best in Amsterdam and around the corner from my place in Westerpark. My personal favourite is the pizza Diavola.

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam is inside a restored water pumping station that used to provide the people of Amsterdam with fresh drinking water. The space looks amazing and they serve warm food all day. Weather permitting check the garden and enjoy your food outside.

Best place for dinner
Italian restaurant Toscanini has been a hot spot in the Jordaan for a couple of decades. The place is simple and beautiful with an open kitchen. The mixed antipasto plate is a perfect way to sample a cross section of dishes. Reservation is a must, tables are hard to come by.

Best bar
Cocktail bar inside one of Amsterdam’s most popular hotels on the Herengracht. Their drink menu is adventurous and fun, some of the tastiest cocktails in town are served here in comfortable, pretty surroundings. Due to its popularity it can be hard to find a seat. Great for meetings as well during ADE and you can get a quick bite to eat at Lotti’s restaurant.

Best dance floor
De School is a very cool club with strict door policy and left-field programming on the westside of Amsterdam. The venue, which used to be a technical school, is more than a nightclub: it’s also has a concert venue, a restaurant, a café, an exhibition space and a gym. De School is owned and run by the same crew that ran Trouw where Joris and I used to have a residency.

This quote from DJ QU sums up pretty well why it’s one of my favourite dance floors in Amsterdam:

“Shout out to De School in Amsterdam for having that super dark room where the club goers have no choice but to get lost in the music and dance instead of starring at the Dj for hours. So refreshing!”

Best place to relax
If you’re a fan of modern art you should definitely check out The Stedelijk Museum located at the Museum Square. They have a good permanent collection with many of the greats on display as well as changing temporary collections. It’s a great place to get away from it all and enjoy some culture ;)

Marcel Fengler
Marcel Fengler will play The Bliss Office ADE boat party showcase on October 17th alongside Farrago, Joyhauser, Milo Spykers
Tickets & info:

Best dance floor – Shelter
I had such an unforgettable time at Shelter. Most of all the crowd impressed how to party with them. And of course the venue is amazing and has such a belter of sound system. I’ve got many eternal memories of one of my most favorite clubs in Europe.

Best place to buy records – Rush Hour
When you go and check Rush Hour then you won´t just only do record shopping. Of course they have a fine selection of old and new weapons in their shelves. But I also I really like the relaxed and inspiring vibe inside. And it´s always a pleasure to watch DJ´s playing their favorite tracks there live.

Best place for dinner – Hosokawa Japanese Kitchen
Once I met my good friend Dave Clarke in Amsterdam he brought me to this Japanese Restaurant. Actually it is also one of his faves and he really fancies this place. So I was very curious about it and it definitely didn´t disappoint. Super nice interior, amazing food and such an eye catcher when they prepare their dishes live. A place I need to be back again very soon.

Best bar – W Lounge
I played a showcase at W Hotel last year during ADE. So I’ve got a really nice room sorted and met friends at the W lounge rooftop bar before the show. We had a super cool time there. We drunk some perfect mixed cocktails and were enjoying this amazing view all over Amsterdam. On top of it al it was the starting point of unforgettable ADE weekender.

Best place to deal with a hangover – Bed
Well to be honest, the best place to handle hangover for me is a big bed, some hangover food and Netflix. I remember that one of the biggest and super comfortable beds I’ve been was at Lloyds Hotel after Kingsday 2 years ago. As many of you might know Lloyds Hotel has a very unique concept and style and so half of my room was a bed. I enjoyed it a lot!!

SAMA will play Dockyard Festival on October 19th
Tickets & info:

Best place for dinner/Best place for a date
About 2 months ago I went for dinner with my manager to this amazing seafood place called Pesca. It’s a bit of a different concept than just “a restaurant”. When you enter the place, you’ll instantly be offered a beer or prosecco, and you’ll have to go to the “fish market”. All the fresh fish is laid out on a big stall just like at the fish market. Then they’ll tell you how the different fish are prepared, and you get to choose your own fish, and how much you want. Then after that you’ll be guided through the winery, where you can choose between some amazing wines.

The dishes are amazing, and the staff really knows what they’re doing. Also a great place for a first date, as it’s a bit more interactive than the regular restaurant, which really helps to break the ice.

Best place to get a quick bite to eat
I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but I’m always open to new options, so when an acquaintance recommended going to this vegan place called ‘Meat District’, I was eager to go there. Vegan and vegetarian places almost always seem to put more care and love into their food, and when I want to go for a quick bite, I’d always still prefer it to be made with love. I’m not a big fan of fastfood, even less when for lunch or breakfast, so I’d always go for a nice fresh sandwich.

Best place to relax/Best place for sight seeing
Of course in Amsterdam there’s loads of nice parks like the Vondelpark or the Westerpark (also the location of the famous Gashouder, and a very nice place to visit for some (techno) sightseeing). A personal recommendation for a less touristic part or Amsterdam is to take the ferry from the Central Station to Amsterdam-Noord. From here you’ll be able to see everything from across the water. Get yourself a lovely little joint, and go to one of the nice bars to relax with a view over the water. It’s also a way calmer area where you can walk around nice ’n chill without feeling like a tourist as much as you’d feel walking around in the Dam area.

Best dance floor
For some nice booty shaking, there’s many great things to go to in Amsterdam, even more so when the ADE craze is on. For some cool clubs I’d recommend De School, Shelter or Radion. In the summertime, as you all know, there’s loads of amazing festivals to go to, and this is also definitely one of my main occupations throughout the summer.

Tickets are still available for Amsterdam Dance Event, head here for more information

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