Aftertech celebrate their 5th year anniversary with a limited vinyl release

In order to celebrate their 5 year anniversary, Aftertech Records celebrate through this massive compilation with all the greats in the melodic techno scene: Boss Axis, Cliff de Zoete, Luis M, Noraj Cue, Rauschhaus, Stil & Bense & Unique Repeat! A compilation of 6 magnificent tracks which will also be released on vinyl.

Boss Axis & Rauschhaus – Clueless
We start this compilation off with a great collaboration between the melodic heroes; Boss Axis & Rauschhaus. This track has the perfect combination between groove and space. They start out with a catchy lead that slowly evolves into a mesmerizing melody. Throughout the track it keeps on building until after the break they go full out. A wonderful journey!

Cliff de Zoete – Wildboys
Cliff sets a great groovy atmosphere right from the start with his African drums. Through a vocal shot he launches this powerhouse into full strength. A growling bassline accompanied by catchy percussions and vocals create an irresistible groove on which one just has to move. Once again Cliff delivers a bomb which brings pure energy to the dancefloor!

Noraj Cue – ‘t Hek van de Dam
This creative genius shows his skill once more through a complex yet beautiful combination of deep power and dreamy melodies. Smartly placed percussions and occasional creaks work in perfect symbiosis with the deep bassline, heavenly pads and sweet keys. Another masterpiece by Noraj Cue!

Luis M – Mother Earth
Luis M is known for his skills in making raw minimal techno. But for us he made another melodic gem, and man does he do it well! The energy vibrates of this track to where there is only one reaction, dance! The deep howling bassline leads the way for a captivating arpeggio. A great track to get wonderfully lost in.

Stil & Bense – Tschuess
This duo does not mess around, a powerful banger in which they don’t waste a second to let you hear what they are all about. A never ending rhythm is the foundation for a catchy melody which grows and evolves throughout the track with howling winds on the background. A superb track for in the club, that’s for sure!

Unique Repeat – Origami
Unique Repeat delivers once again with this epic storytelling track. All elements are introduced with care and slowly fold and emerge into this beautiful track called Origami. Deep long basslines, rising and falling pads that take you deeper and deeper into this dreamlike state. And then finally this satisfying melody that makes it all whole. A true masterpiece by Unique Repeat!

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