Aftertech Records release ‘The Best of Aftertech Remixes’

Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Best of Aftertech Remixes
Label: Aftertech Records
Cat Num: AR030
Release date: Out Now!
Genre: Melodic Techno

For the thirtieth release, Aftertech Records from Amsterdam score big in terms of summer releases and has come up with something very special! In this release 11 artists come together in one amazing compilation.

Some of these producers’ best tracks from previous outings have been chosen for reworks. What’s even more fantastic about this effort is that each artist has remixed their favourite track from the year gone by and given us fresh fodder to dance to.

From ‘Audiomolekül – Bon Voyage’, John Dupon Remix manages to stun with it’s beautiful Housey remix, Dupon gets it right by honouring the wonderful mesmerizing melody from Audiomolekül and turns it into something dreamier, using airy percussions and light wavy pads that just slide away in the background it all glues together as he introduces a very recognisable stab that means business. On to ‘Frezel – Get Serious’, Ariose Remix is deep but danceable, and that is exactly what they end up to achieve. The aforementioned English duos have been working hard to breach the scene wide open with their unique sound. Leaving the original melody intact, they brush stroke enough bass to uplift the rework, but yet get the feet loose. The groove is on and they only bring you further into the track with smartly placed special effects and sweet synths.

Thereafter there are loads of seminal tracks such as ‘Tamas Skafar – Cyclone’ which get the treatment from Koen Schepens Remix work, as he starts out gently with a groove that is clearly held back and an introduction to the melody that seems to grow with every beat. Once you hit a drop there is some goosebump inducing seconds here and there till an insanely different and powerful shaker gets implemented, which works very well with the strong bass line and deep melody. There’s a cool synth line in the latter half all which does well, to keep the interest alive. Next up, ‘Matt Dwellers – Delta Luis M Remix’ is for me is the special sparkly offering. As producers go Luis M is the master of minimal and melodic techno and he turns the remix on with mesmerizing plucks of bass and flirty hard not to notice beats, and far off electronics that keep you hypnotized in a tough atmospheric space.

‘Sunburnt Octopus – Yucatán Sunrise’, Matt Dwellers Remix is a surprise, which keeps the unique vibe of the original percussion but lets a bass line growl through the entire track followed up by ‘Luis M – Under The Sun’ gets a SissCok Remix that has a real jazzy feel-good vibe, as birds chirp through the track, beautiful synths float through the air so overall great stuff to get lost in.

Finishing things up special mentions to ‘SissCok – Brought Me Down’, Sunburnt Octopus Mix treats the track with arps that just keep on going on, working together in perfect harmony with the airy pads and vocals coated in a strong groove. ‘Koen Schepens – Your Wake Up Call’, Audiomolekül Remix, is clever yet sweet melodies work together in a dirty bass line and melancholic pads, snake around to give this one a real Deep House vibe.

‘Ariose – Ambedo’ showcases a Tamas Skafar Remix, the artist takes on the original melody and puts that extra bit by topping the body with an ever-growing arpeggio that does the job of making the track bigger than before. Frezel tackles Mandibula – Triolon with a remix that has powerful grooves and a never ending melody, going all out in the break down as he introduces an unmistakably large sized synth. ‘John Dupon – Balanced’ does great with a Mandibula Remix that brings a deep bass line alongside an immensely effective percussion laced over the original melody in his own simplistic way.

Overall a great pack with some hidden gems for the summer!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.