AI-powered radio airplay monitoring platform Radiostats launches

Developed by SongstatsRadiostats is an AI-powered radio airplay monitoring platform that stands to transform the way artists, labels, and promoters monitor radio plays across the globe. Traditionally it has been very inefficient and costly to monitor a full catalogue across a large number of stations. Existing services cost a lot, charge high fees for tracking individual songs, and provide only narrow coverage. Their legacy tech stacks don’t scale well and require a lot of heavy computing to monitor both a large amount of songs and stations.

Radiostats monitors your entire catalogue across 40,000 stations worldwide in a single subscription — providing coverage in a market historically underserved and overpriced. This extensive reach, powered by AI, ensures that no song goes unheard, no matter where it’s played. 
The platform compiles a real-time Activity Feed to notify you of all major radio plays as soon as they happen. The Audience tab visualises your radio impact across the globe, and in-depth analytics are available for each song, artist and label.

Radiostats integrates directly into Songstats, leveraging the leading music analytics app to allow you to access all of your radio insights directly on your mobile device, receive push notifications and share your radio milestones with your fans.
Radiostats covers terrestrial and digital radio, as well as Satellite TV and SiriusXM. All data, including station information, play time and duration, is accessible directly via the desktop dashboard and mobile app and can be exported as PDF and CSV reports. These reports can lead to significant earning opportunities when correctly tracked and submitted to Performing Rights Organisations.

That’s why it is especially exciting that Radiostats provides estimated royalties for all SiriusXM plays, and offers a special royalty collection service for artists and right owners to claim and receive these potential earnings.
The team behind Radiostats worked hard to bring this new platform to market and wants to ensure that radio insights can empower every artist and label at the same convenience and value that they are used to with Songstats.

Radiostats mirrors the same pricing structure as Songstats, allowing you to monitor your entire catalogue with a single subscription! Radiostats comes with a 7-day free trial and is available in a bundle that gives you full access to both Songstats & Radiostats at a discounted rate. This cost-effective approach eliminates the need for multiple services, tiered plans or per-song pricing, making it the most affordable solution for comprehensive radio airplay monitoring.
Radiostats is now live and ready to make radio airplay monitoring accessible to all. Start your free trial today visit

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