AIAIAI introduces world’s first professional wireless studio monitors

Danish audio company AIAIAI has announced UNIT-4, the world’s first professional wireless studio monitors. Featuring ultra-low latency wireless audio paired with 20+ hours of battery playback time, UNIT-4 unlocks limitless possibilities for music creators. 

With UNIT-4, what was previously confined to the traditional studio is now liberated in the hands of the creator, enabling them to break free from boundaries. Whether with friends, at home or on the road, UNIT-4 allows for freedom of movement and increased opportunity for collaboration. 

“We are constantly exploring how to remove friction in the creative process. As making music becomes more dynamic and collaborative, we’ve created UNIT-4 to empower creators to continue pushing creative boundaries.” – Frederik Jørgensen, AIAIAI Founder

AIAIAI brings innovation in audio technology and acoustic design that packs professional studio monitor performance into a compact size of only 2.5kg. UNIT-4’s advanced wireless technology allows for wireless, uncompressed audio with only 16ms of latency. Three different modes of connection mean complete versatility in one speaker with Wireless+ ultra-low latency, Bluetooth and cabled options. Designed from the inside out without using glue, UNIT-4 allows for total disassembly and component replacement and is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

“There just weren’t any good options available for music creators with a dynamic process. With UNIT-4, we’ve pushed the limits of compact speaker design to create a powerful reference studio monitor that is portable and completely wireless – for cable-free on the go music creation.” – Tom Fletcher, AIAIAI Product Manager

The introduction of UNIT-4 is AIAIAI’s latest step in expanding its family of products using the W+ Link technology, which began with the introduction of the TMA-2 Wireless+ headphones in December of 2021. The W+ Link has been specifically developed for wireless audio with ultra-low latency in a stable and robust connection, designed for enhanced freedom for music making. 

The key features uniquely designed for enhanced freedom and set UNIT-4 apart from other speakers are the following: 

Complete wireless freedom

  • Battery powered with 20H+ of playback time
  • W+ Link ultra low latency wireless audio for music creation – only 16ms of latency, uncompressed audio and robust connection
  • Complete wireless freedom – both audio and power cables

Reference monitor performance

  • 2 way active monitor featuring a 4 inch high-excursion woofer and 1 inch silk-dome tweeter
  • Precision tonal accuracy over a flat +/-2dB frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz 
  • Bass vent and boosting EQ tuned to provide a clean bass extension down to 40Hz 
  • Shape UNIT-4’s sound to your environment or preference using the AIAIAI app customisable 5-band EQ

Portable, compact and rugged

  • Size and weight of only 3 litres / 2.5kg
  • Rear bass vent designed to be a comfortable carrying handle when on the move
  • Removable steel grille provides sturdy protection for the woofer and tweeter

Connect to everything

  • W+ Link – use the X02 transmitter for low latency wireless music creation
  • Bluetooth 5.2 – listen to music from your Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Cable – connect directly via 3.5mm mini-jack and 6.3mm balanced TRS inputs

Responsible design

  • Main components produced from 100% recycled plastics, from post-consumer sources
  • Designed for disassembly in a glue-free design – take the whole speaker apart using two screwdrivers
  • Replace worn out components including battery and drive units
  • Future-proofed for new technologies with upgradeable wireless electronics

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