Akai Pro launches Beta program to test Ableton Live integration with Force

Akai Professional has debuted the Force Beta Testing Program, a phase that lets the brand trial the integration of its Force controller with Ableton Live. The program invites Beta testers to communicate with each other and the Akai Professional development team in a private forum.

With this much-anticipated integration, Force users will be able to control Ableton Live elements wirelessly from the controller itself. Controllable Ableton Live elements include its matrix layout, mixer, effects, instruments and plug-ins. The integration will also bring two other benefits:

  • Ableton clips launched in Session View will simultaneously appear on Force over WiFi
  • The ability to switch between Force standalone functions and Live Control mode without stopping playback

Alongside the beta testing program, Akai has also introduced a beta version of Arranger, a linear sequencer. This is designed to help you build compositions with fixed structures on a linear timeline, as opposed to clip-launching.

Sign up for the Force Beta Testing Program here

Source: www.musictech.net

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