Akai unveils MIDI multi in their plans for MPC version 2.8

Akai Pro has announced its latest firmware update for its MPC software, which brings devices up to version 2.8 and vastly expands on their external device control capabilities courtesy of MIDI Multi. MPC One, MPC X, and MPC Live owners will benefit from the new free update.

The introduction of MIDI Multi effectively lets music-makers route all MIDI-enabled devices in their setup to an MPC, which can control them all, standalone. This compatibility stretches to any USB compliant device which could be a keyboard, synth, or drum machine.

Increasing I/O for adding more devices is also easy as connections can be made through a high-quality powered USB hub.

This new connectivity permits numerous possibilities in both a studio or live set-up. In a demonstration video, AKAI showed off how an MPC One could assign a master keyboard to control other instruments, sync external MIDI clocks, and even record arm tracks. Take a look below:

Other notable features that come with the new firmware update include a retrospective record that works in the background to continuously capture MIDI events that can be recalled later. You can also layer up sounds by routing MIDI data across two channels; therefore your bassline can trigger a sub-bass simultaneously, for example.

MPC version 2.8 rolls out on 14th May and will be free for MPC X, MPC Live and MPC One device owners through akaipro.com

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Source: musictech.net

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