AKASO release the smallest 4k wearable camera

AKASO’s Keychain 4K is being touted as the world’s smallest 4K vlogging camera. This unique, USB-sized camera is definitely a piece of kit that will certainly create some interest for some of your out there that love your gadgets. The Keychain 4K has 4K/30 fps recording capabilities, internal stabilization, and ultra-wide view angle. Aside from the camera’s six-axis, anti-shake technology, users of this piece of kit will also be able to take advantage of its hands-free shooting capabilities, ability to pair with a compatible smart device to take time lapses, slow motion captures, and stills, courtesy of its 20-megapixel photo mode.

It is pretty hard to believe that all of the aforementioned is packed into a tiny 36g enclosure, and when you add an IP56 waterproof rating into the mix, the Keychain becomes a notable vlogging system that’s is surely enough to raise the interest levels of many.

Check out AKASO’s website to find out more information.

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