Akbal Music celebrates 10 years of bringing music to its listeners

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 10 Years Of Akbal Music
Label: Akbal Music
Cat. No: Akbal_119limited
Released: Out Now!
Genre: House

Celebrating 10 years of bringing high-quality music to its listeners, Akbal Music has put together a release of various artists that portray the fun and energetic, yet deeply techy style they are known for.

We are taken into their world of sound and images right from the beginning. The release reflects the label’s Mexican roots at the same time as reminding us why they became the key provider and admired international source of music that they are today. Pablo Bolivar and In2Deep start the journey with their collaboration track ‘Eve’. Deep and taunting the track carries hints of atmospheric elements and solid drum work creating an interesting mood board.

Berlin-based DoubtingThomas continues the deep and bassy feeling with ‘Encodeurs’. However, the skilled and slightly mystified producer also adds a fine layer of dreamy sound adjustments, for instance with his pad synth. In ‘Ajpu’ we are introduced to the label boss himself. Mr Robbie Akbal joins forces with the young but hugely talented Leo Leal in a piece shimmering of soft, soulful and subtle, yet catchy percussion. It is a piece that lets the listener drift away in a unique state of mind.

Mano Andrei delivers a dryer tune with ‘Never End’. Dark and dirty chords are arranged around a wide specter of interesting sounds, creating its own, deep universe. Sascha Dive strips down the wide and emotional direction of the release, upping the energy level slightly with ‘Lab#4’. A tooly and fun track that is very on point. ‘More Drive M1’ rounds up the release and is the latest addition from Ray Okpara, a DJ and producer highly valued for his drifty percussions and hypnotic beats. This tune shows some of the characteristics but the focus moves more towards the solid bassline and unusual elements combined, creating a kind of housey drifter.

A big and fun release, displaying a wide variety of house and deep house tracks bringing both new elements and familiar associations into the mix. It is definitely one that will find its audience in clubs across the continents and is also highly functional for the vinyl lovers among us. Happy anniversary Akbal Music!

1. Pablo Bolivar & In2deep – Eve
2. Doubtingthomas – Encodeurs (Vinyl Only)
3. Leo Leal & Robbie Akbal – Ajpu
4. Mano Andrei – Never End (Vinyl Only)
5. Sascha Dive – Lab#4 (Vinyl Only)
6. Ray Okpara – More Drive

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