Alex Kennon and Joyfull Family team up to release The Party Is Over EP on Yaww Recordings

Artist: Alex Kennon & Joyfull Family
Title: The Party Is Over EP
Label: Yaww Recordings
Released: Out Now!

This EP sees Alex Kennon, who has enjoyed releases on labels worldwide and also produced tracks alongside Pirupa, join up with Italian production trio, Joyfull Family. ‘The Party Is Over EP’ is a four track EP and is due for release on Romanian house label, Yaww Recordings.

The first track I wrapped my ears around was a track called ‘State Of Mind‘. It kicks off with twitchy, techy drums that immediately make your body involuntarily jerk around to the beat (I believe it’s called dancing but, well, if you’ve seen my efforts then it’d be hard to call it dancing).

A lovely light synth then builds underneath the drums and the track opens up into a lovely deep track with a mesmerising arpeggio that makes you feel as if you’ve been dropped into a plunging lake of gorgeous, deep sounds. The arpeggio builds and dances around the track playfully whirling around the drum beats. This is an absolutely beautiful track which plunges you into an awe-inspiring depth of sound. This track will go down well anywhere, simply stunning!

The next track is entitled, ‘The Party Is Over‘ and has 3 versions of the track to keep everybody happy, an original mix, 3rd Club remix and a Kellerkind remix. The original mix starts with quirky drums, a few distorted sounds and a warm synth flowing around the track. A quirky but yet catchy vocal comes in which helps the track gain identity and weave the track together as a whole. As the track progresses all sorts of funky, quirky, trippy sounds come into it.

The original mix is simple, quirky, catchy and very stylish. The 3rd Club remix starts off with tougher drums in a more typical house music fashion. It’s fairly similar to the original mix but towards the end of this remix, it develops some very random flourishes of sound towards the end which helps with the overall quirkiness of this package.

The chunkier drums in the 3rd Club remix and the 4×4 pattern of them will the track lean towards the house heads. The third mix of this track is the Kellerkind remix. This version begins with a strong drone sound, a more direct, driving drum beat and stabby synths. The track then catches you by surprise and breaks into a warped bass, which reminds me of the Mr.Oizo track ‘Flat Beat‘, and the catchy vocal is a bit darker than the original. This is a cool remix that maintains the quirky, catchiness of the original whilst lending a different, breakbeat type style to it.

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