“I do it for fun and for the love of music. I don’t plan where and how to release before I produce new stuff. That would only add limits in my artistic freedom” – Alex Niggemann

Alex Niggemann is due to release a new second volume of his Lost Tapes series on his label, AEON Audio. The imprint’s second versatile 8- track collection showcases an assortment of regular members of the label family and introduces some exciting new friends.

Both a reunion and step forward for the exceptional talent this unique label has been nourishing, Lost Tapes Vol.2 is eight tracks of flawlessly produced electronic music. Artists include TVA, Denis Horvat, and Speaking Minds – already label regulars – alongside Alex himself and some ferociously talented debutantes.

Alex luckily had some time out of his very busy schedule to chat to Decoded Magazine about this release and what he has planned for his label over the coming months…

Hi Alex, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to Decoded Magazine about your upcoming compilation due out on your label Aeon. What have you got planned for later today when you have finished speaking to us?

I have a late flight out so I’m gonna go to the gym and will prepare my music for the weekend. If there’s still some time left, as always I try to use it to work on some music in the studio.

Your various artist compilation ‘Aeon Lost Tapes Volume 2’ is due out on 10th November. Can you tell us a little about the ‘Lost Tapes’ series and the idea behind them?

We started with that series a few years ago and it was created to showcase the whole team on one release. It also gives our artists a chance to release something we would usually not do on an EP. For the second Lost Tapes, we actually wanted to make sure that we also showcase the whole bandwidth of music we love and do. I’m not a fan of too strict borders when it comes to styles. I like every kind of music if it is quality music and so I do feel the same for all the sub-genres of Techno or House.

Can you tell us a little about the artist included on the compilation, and why you feel their sound best suits your label?

For us, it was clear that we wanna use this release in two ways. Making sure to feature the inner core with TVA, Denis Horvat, and Speaking Minds, while also giving friends and newcomers a chance to show their skills. As mentioned before, the label doesn’t stand for a certain sub-genre, but for a vibe that the music and all the artists share, I like diversity, same as I’d like it on a line up, when I go out myself and therefore it makes sense, as well when it comes to own events, to mirror this in the music and artists we release.

TVA are our deep atmospheric techno heads. Even though most of their music is not really meant for the peak-time dancefloors I really do see so much emotion and character in the music, that it deserves a spot on our label. What can I say about Denis, people don’t know yet. Such a talent and his tracks are always on point. After a little break, I’m also happy to have Speaking Minds back on the label. His music brings a bit of the disco/leftfield character to the label.

Bastinov has already delivered a banger EP that was played a lot by all the techno biggies in the scene and his new track is nothing less than a banger. Radeckt is a close friend of Denis and with ‘Mannequin’ he simply delivered a bomb, I play in most of my sets. Hannes Bieger is a close friend and also the engineer that mixes most of my tracks. After a while of not producing for himself, he is now back and does some really nice stuff. Rafijus is actually the newest addition. Very minimalistic but atmospheric techno. A talented guy as well.

Was your track ‘Serenity’ recorded specifically for ‘Aeon Lost Tapes Volume 2’ or was it something that was potentially for another release of yours?

Sometimes, I just like to do different styles of music and therefore it doesn’t fit the labels I usually release. But I do it for fun and for the love of music. I don’t plan where and how to release before I produce new stuff. That would only add limits in my artistic freedom. Even better, I have my own label with the Lost Tapes series that gives me a platform to release something out of range like that then.

What do you aim to deliver from your label, and do you feel you have managed to portray your musical preferences, as you perceived when the label was in its early conception?

One simple word: quality! And yes, I’m pretty sure we managed that quite well within almost 5 years. Obviously, one release is more successful than the other, but that’s not how I measure quality. Also, the music is different to when we started, but I think that’s just a natural process. My target besides that was always to give talents a platform and built a crew of artists that share the same passion and vibes. It is a lot of fun to be surrounded by these fellas and tour with them playing more and more own AEON events.

What do you have planned for Aeon over the coming months? Are there any surprises on the horizon for big fans of your label?

Besides releases to come up by Speaking Minds, myself, TVA and Denis during the next 4-6 months, we are touring a lot together. We’ll be hosting events in Lausanne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Brussels, Lyon, Beirut and a lot more in the next few months. Aaaaannnnd…as we are turning 5 in 2018, there will be a special 5 years LP edition and tour around its release.

Since beginning your own label back in 2013 what do you feel have been some of your hardest lessons learned? What would you have done differently looking back over the past 4 years?

Luckily this isn’t my first label, so I did all the major mistakes already with the first one in the past. The biggest lesson I learned is patience and that you aren’t able to force things. Keeping expectations low helps a lot. For me, the most important thing is to have fun with the team and deliver constantly quality music, but giving each artist his/her musical freedom.

What new releases do you have up your sleeve over the coming months on yours or other people’s labels?

I’m finally back in the studio since being off for quite a while due to a complete water damage of the studio and becoming a father. I can focus now on a lot of new things. Besides my contribution on Lost Tapes, I will also take part in the 15 years Watergate release. The track is called ‘Ava’. I’m also about to finish an album with another project. That’s it for 2017. AEON will kick off 2018 with another release of mine and there’s more to come on other labels, I’m not allowed to speak about yet

Finally, I would like to thank you for your time today. Is there anything else you would like to add before we jet off?

Well, I appreciate your time and I hope that I could deliver some new interesting facts to our fans and could make some of those who haven’t heard about us or our music yet curious to check out our music and events. Stay safe and clean!

AEON Lost Tapes Vol 2 Tracklist:
01. TVA – Andrea
02. Denis Horvat – Patchouli
03. Alex Niggemann – Serenity
04. Speaking Minds – Space Teleportation
05. Radeckt – Mannequin
06. Bastinov – Chamal
07. Rafijus – In Wonderland
08. Hannes Bieger – Birth of an Island

AEON Lost Tapes Vol 2 is due for release on 10th November 2017

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