Alex O’Rion releases one of the stand-out packages of 2018 on Sudbeat

Artist: Alex O’Rion
Title: Wisteria
Label: Sudbeat
Cat No: SB123
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Deep House / Progressive

Alex O’Rion is not a new producer, he’s a regular on labels such as ICONYC and Black Hole and is fairly prolific in his own right. What is unusual is that Alex is not only new to releasing this style of deep and melodic house but has a background of trance. Hopping genres is not particularly unusual but producing such an accomplished sound first time out of the blocks is. Alex O’Rion has succeeded in releasing one of the stand-out packages of 2018 to date with a unique style and sound to suit. Right from the go, title track ‘Wisteria’ is full of detail and subtle melody, perhaps a craft honed by producing trance, but cleverly (and subtly) used in these deeper productions. The groove is slow and solid, demanding your attention like a page-turner of a book, wondering what will come next. Heavy bass echoes the melody and nifty delays and ambient noises fly around in the mix, adding layers of complexity. This is deep and subtle, brooding and intelligent but firing at the same time.

‘Sirenum Scopoli’ is a slow-burning, shuffling-deep groover with a rolling feel that unapologetically makes you want to move. Once again the melody is there, but the searing lead takes it to another level. Sirenum Scopoli is a myth where the Sirens of Greek Mythology lured sailors to the deep, and perhaps the track’s namesake does the same to the listener. How Alex manages to keep it so deep yet pack in so much melody is another mystery, but one thing is for sure is Alex O’Rion has mastered the dark art of using melody properly.

Last up is the track that is perfectly evocative of its namesake Muriwai a black sand beach on the West Coast of New Zealand; remote, strong and windswept yet beautiful and inspiring. ‘Muriwai’ is a bass-led slice of melodic deepness, once again full of detail and lovely production flourished yet polished sounding only in a way an accomplished producer can achieve. This track is absolutely firing. Drop it at the right time in your set and watch the floor go nuts.

The only thing wrong with this release is the order of the tracks and that’s no biggie. Miss this at your peril, it’s huge.