Alex Preda chases the light magnificently!

Artist : Alex Preda
Title : Chasing Light EP
Label : Manual Music
Release : Out Now
Genre : Progressive House

I was really excited to see this one drop into my inbox last week, Alex Preda is a bit of an unsung hero for me. He can make pretty much anything. Like all good artists, he is driven by the endless possibilities music creation brings, but the most exciting part for Alex, is that he can take the people with him in this journey, and offer them the experience. And an experience is whats on offer here with Alex flying solo. You see Alex has, of late, joined forces with Decoded Magazine founder Damion Pell as Pell & Preda, an explosive combination of producer wisdom and live performance experience.

Lead track Chasing Light develops from an innocent enough beginning into a glorious end of night hugathon. Glorious swells of organ and vocal snips raise this deep progressive cut above the pack, and the winsome pads speak of longing and loss. Imagine if M83 made house music, it would sound like this. DNA Matching sees doyenne of dance music Amber Long add her vocal talents to what is an interesting sinewy progressive workout. The break is reminiscent of ‘Beauty Never Fades’ by Junkie XL in its deliberate delivery, adding weight and tension. This is the one for me, but then I am a sucker for tribal beats!

Remixes come in the form of Manual main man Paul Hazendonk, with a trippy low slung reinterpretation of Chasing Lights, and the go to man of the Lithuanian scene Arnas D, takes care of DNA Matching. Paul’s mix is a wonderful mixture of hypnotic elements and a truly satisfying live bass. It grooves along with purpose and power; the synths acting to create points of interest almost as if by will. The addition of the single chord pad at the break drive this into the stratosphere. A very sophisticated and respectful re-imagination.

Arnas D goes straight for the jugular with his dub version of DNA Matching. The bass growls, and the swells and additional fills add an attention to detail that sets him apart from the plethora of Baltic state progressive producers. Utilising very little of the vocal save a few snips here and there, Arnas creates a grimy dark world with some clever engineering and a groove that just won’t quit. Great stuff, and a solid package all round.

You can catch Alex (along with Damion as Pell and Preda) in Amsterdam for NYE.