Alfonso brings Muchacho to Slideways as the lights go down

Artist : Alfonso Muchacho
Title : Code/Lights Go Down
Label : Slideways
Release : 14th December 2015
Genre : Progressive House

When this two tracker hit my inbox, I knew I was going to like them. Slideways has a knack of finding the best music around, and this is by far the biggest track the fledgling label has had in my opinion. Alfonso might not be a name you know, but since 2007, he’s been steadily releasing quality house music on labels like Bonzai, 3rd Avenue and Suffused among many others. Both tracks have made their way on to podcasts of mine this month, and that’s unheard of for me. Unheard of. I’m lucky to be on more than enough promo lists to satisfy my craving for new music, but this release is head and shoulders above them all.

Code is a cinematic masterpiece with one of those driving bass lines that gets stuck in your head for hours, well, it did mine. I’ll be deconstructing it for a few weeks to use in my own productions next year (hope that’s OK Alfonso!) From the first break, which acts only to reset the energy from the track before, a delicate pad, sweeps and nuanced stabs give the bedrock of beats a life of their own. Soon the listener is transported to a dream world of infinite possibilities. By the time the second break drops, you’re hooked.

Lights Go Down is a tough soulful groove. Those who remember Van Bellen will know what I mean; proper Progressive. More intense and focused, the musical elements here are used to great effect to keep the track fresh and interesting. I repeating two note hook fades in and out which remind me of an old 80s pop track adding further drama to the ahhs and pads in the main break. Trust me, dropped right, this is a monster e-moment, and I’ll be hammering these for a long while. Bravo Slideways, rounding out the year of stellar releases with an absolute belter!