All Access Anonymous creates verified network for Music Promoters

All Access Anonymous (AAA) is creating an open and fair decentralized network to connect credible and verified promoters, directly with others in the verified network including other creators, fans, artists, agents, venues, marketing agencies, production companies, and more, interweaving all the aspects of live events into a carefully vetted and verified network of passionate people working toward the same goal. Through the power of fandom and DeFi, AAA disperses potential financial risk from the creator while offering fans unique opportunities to curate their live experiences. Fans are granted access to unique collectibles (NFTs), early access to tickets, VIP events and meet-and-greets, and are able to purchase exclusive merchandise from their favorite projects – they buy tickets issued as NFTickets and through them, gain access to a slew of rewards.

With all the uncertainty around the rebirth of live events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, long-time promoter and AAA Co-founder Iqbal Ameer reached out to several close contacts within the creator ecosystem, prompting one of the first completely transparent discussions about the struggles of promotion and the funding problems facing creators. That’s when the concept behind All Access Anonymous was born. 

Working directly with the creator to facilitate and connect fans to their favorite festivals, AAA verified creators have complete control over creative decision-making and can unleash the personality of the festival. No festival will be the same or follow the same template as the last, even if fans follow their favorite artist from country to country. From planning, ticketing, e-commerce, onsite POS, AAA creators can expect to have a suite of tools at their disposal, without breaking the bank.

All Access Anonymous has its own treasury to fund creators as they coordinate live performances. Creators submit a request for funding, and the AAA network looks at metrics, including length of service in the industry, ongoing revenue, jobs created, and potential economic impact. If the loan is approved, funds are shared with low interest rates. In this exchange, creators can steer away from unreasonable investment demands, conglomerates controlling event specifics, or agents booking artists at inflated rates – resulting in fans facing higher ticket prices for a lower quality experience.

“The AAA Ecosystem is designed to serve the two key driving forces of the Experience Economy—the independent creator and fan. For too long, the industry is rife with archaic practices—creators, artists and fans are often subjugated at the will of conglomerates for less profit, higher prices, and mediocre experiences. When you delve deeper into the malaise of the industry, the root cause more often than not starts at capital financing,” says AAA Co-founder Marvin X. Das. “We are creating an asset-backed unit economy and providing an additional source of revenue to alleviate some of the pressures artists are faced with, while valuing the work of creators and providing long-term sustenance.”

Through the AAA network, creators can directly survey fans using social-fi marketing tools, prior to their booking of an artist for a live experience. They can poll potential ticket prices, communicate directly with the fans to gauge interest, and in turn, take a crowd-source-backed offer directly to the agent. Fans who commit to buy tickets from the beginning are rewarded with VIP upgrades and meet-and-greets.

With use of AAA and their strategic vetting process comes the AAA seal of approval, which can be attached to creators, artists, agents, venues, production companies, DJs, photographers, sports teams – anyone engaged in the live events space and eager for a solution to reduce the risk of their transactions through trust and mutual transparency. Transparency is key in this exchange, and transactions are logged through the platform, to maintain trust and accountability between players.

“AAA strives to give creators the power to bring all their creativity and all their ideas to the stage, to really deliver the experience fans so desire,” says Iqbal Ameer. “Fans will now have the ability to create festival experiences with the promoter. If fans want a tropical themed stage, or a genre-specific lineup – they can rally together and vote for It. Seeing their own vision become a reality is something that a fan will never forget. By providing fans with the opportunity to ‘have their say,’ we are creating an organic ripple effect. Fans will forever promote their unique experience in crafting their favourite music festival, and subsequently their friends and friends of friends will realise that they too have the power to shape their favourite music festival. This is fandom magnified.”

All Access Anonymous launches December 2022.

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