All Day I Dream to offer one-of-a-kind wellness experience at inaugural weekend festival

Over the past decade, Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream has captured the imagination and hearts of music lovers everywhere, offering magical daytime experiences dedicated to the community as much as the music. On May 12-15, The All Day I Dream Festival will debut in the idyllic surroundings of California’s Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California to offer its first-ever weekend-long camping escape.

For the festival’s inaugural lineup, Lee Burridge will bring together the ADID family from around the world and an eclectic mix of live acts at a serene natural setting – while offering equal attention to the wellness aspect that has culled the hearts of experience seekers across the globe. Reaching beyond its normal cast of Dreamers – ADID Festival stretches to all those seeking a curated and intentional experience. Outside of music, The All Day I Dream Festival, in collaboration with The Waking Hour, will provide full curation towards Yoga, Meditation, Sound Immersion, Plant Music and Wellness Workshops, announced in full today.

Each morning will begin with an opportunity to wake up and tune in to your own inner knowing and divine energy with a 90-minute session of uplifting yoga, creative visualization, and sound healing with a powerful collective of healers. Enjoy melodic and binaural beats by White Light with accompanying ethereal live instrumentation Fri-Sun, 9 AM – 10:30 AM.

ADID Festival will also host a Welcome Ceremony courtesy of The Sound Immersion Experience with Danny Goldberg. The Sound Immersion Experience can help balance and restore energy in the body. The healing vibrations pass through our bodies, opening blockages & allowing our minds to rest. Through the vibrations of these instruments, we experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables us to journey within and centre. Goldberg offers the healing vibrations of the Gongs & Singing Bowls as an effective way to help us relax, rejuvenate & tune inward. The Sound Immersion Experience with Danny Goldberg presents for Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program as well as several yoga studios & healing centres in the Bay Area. Learn more HERE.

Journey to Flow State + Serenity will be offered by Goli Gabbay, who draws on 24-years of teaching experience to combine breathwork, mindfulness, slow flow yoga, Yoga Nidra and guided meditation. She will lead participants to a tangible and magical experience of love and connection to self/other, well-being, bliss, and calm.

Jeremy Falk will be offering two classes of Vinyasa Yoga – one solo and one in partnership with Danny Goldberg’s Sound Immersion Experience for the Opening Ceremony of the Wellness Sanctuary. Jeremy Falk, E-RYT 500, embodies 15 years of experience and over 1,000 hours of training in movement sciences, meditation, and positive psychology. Jeremy teaches an embodied and soulful vinyasa that combines intelligent sequencing and practical philosophy that is evolved with a playful spirit. He loves creating an experience that is inspiring, accessible, and soul-stirring to help foster an open-hearted environment and celebrate being fully alive! Over the years he’s been recognized as a community leader with Lululemon, Fitbit, and Yoga Journal.

Also of note, attendees will get to experience Awaken with Lee Burridge, A MEYA Music Mind Journey. Music and Lyrics designed to help you enter a meditative state, express gratitude and discover the deeper meaning of the law of attraction and spiritual awakening. From soundscapes and shamanic rhythms to uplifting house beats by Lee Burridge including the guided meditation remixes of “Lingala”, “Float On” and “Moogami”. MEYA is also a music platform, and each ADID attendee will be offered a free trial with their festival ticket.

Fans can also join Singing Forest, presented by Milky Way Radio and Nico Georis, on Saturday and Sunday. The event will provide a sanctuary for a 3-hour interactive experience for relaxing and experiencing nature in a new way—a forest of singing plants revealing the living, evolving compositions generated by the flora itself. Although we don’t understand the science behind plant music yet, time spent in this mind-opening installation offers a tangible experience of the mysterious life force within plants and may raise some eyebrows as to the potential intelligence of our leafy friends. Musically the installation lives under the umbrella of ambient music. It features various solos, duets and ensembles of up to 6 plants at a time.

Sunday Morning will offer Yoga Wake Up, a yin-based breath-work flow known as a Mandala Chandra Namaskar or circular moon salutations. It will end with a Yoga Nidra “Yogic Sleep” guided meditation that includes a body scan technique designed to calm the mind and relax the muscles in your body. It has been known to energetically replace hours of sleep. Expect a grounding and centring yoga practice set to a curated selection of downtempo music that will awaken your senses and connect you to your environment and your chakras, restoring the body. You will leave this practice feeling at peace within and revitalized for the rest of your festival journey. Yoga by Laurel Erilane and music by DJ Aaron Jacobs

Scott Fisher, Psychiatrist and Psychedelic Therapist, will lead Psilocybin and Mental Health, a discussion on the topics of psychedelics and mental health, discussing spirituality, the psychedelic psychotherapy model that includes preparation, monitored dosing session, and integration, ancient and indigenous technologies and methods influencing modern mental health treatment, different psychedelics, their effects, and how they might be used for different sorts of mental health problems. He will also discuss the music and set and setting aspects of psychedelic therapy, and topics of decriminalization, legalization and religious use of psychedelics.

Come expand and deepen your yoga practice at Acroyoga with Zach Beach, where fans can learn the fundamentals of acroyoga. Learn some accessible partner yoga moves, simple acrobatic sequences, and the art of Thai massage. Together these form the practice of acroyoga, a great way to build trust, communications skills and connection. Great for yogis, dancers, bodyworkers, or anyone who gets a little lonely on a yoga mat.

Rising Soul will present Frequency Flow, which consists of a stretching session (essential during festivals) and a guided meditation that is paired with a musical journey. Starting off with breath-work and deep stretching, the practice will gradually transform through guided visualization into a full-blown, body-moving, dance party. The program ends with a quieter “savasana-like” stillness to integrate the movement and meditation prompts of the session.

Laura Kimpton will also host an Art Installation Workshop and give a talk on how to design and install large scale art at Burning Man and festivals. With 35 years of experience in sculptures and mixed media, Laura has been a larger than life presence with her inspiring art on the playa year after year, and will also be featuring her incredible installation work at this year’s All Day I Dream Festival.

There will be a Tea Lounge hosted by Komaaj, as well as a Spa & Sauna experience on the lake by Archimedes Banya. Relax in the sauna, plunge into the lake and chill out with a beautiful view while enjoying a massage and tea service before or after one of our many yoga and wellness classes.

Lastly, the event will feature the debut of ORACLE666’s HoloRealmz, a collaboration between Öona Dahl and Julia Sinelnikova. This new immersive audiovisual experience integrates music, sculpture, lighting and performance art to create an otherworldly realm. HoloRealmz is a cocoon-like art installation launching at music festivals, giving the feeling of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole to another world, as you enter into a trippy vortex. Comfortable seating and pillows are set up below the morphing installations, so visitors can relax and gaze off into a world filled with surreal sculptures and holographic lighting. The performance line-up features ambient electronica DJ sets, as well as performance artists who incorporate movement, light and poetry readings.

“We know that bringing together a legion of music fans with a massive line-up of all our All Day I Dream artists, while at the same time pushing our own boundaries by inviting live bands is going to create a weekend of heavenly experiences for artists and fans alike.” – Lee Burridge

The warm and welcoming culture All Day I Dream has consciously fostered across its broad community of fans invites them to be as much part of the event’s vibe as the music itself. Furthering this, the festival’s ambitions offer the opportunity for attendees to experience positivity, happiness and a sense of well being at every turn, from musical performance to culinary delights, art installations, as well as yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

Woodward Reservoir’s serene natural landscape presents the perfect backdrop to a weekend filled with love and creativity. Wander, explore, smile, dance and mingle with an amazing array of beautiful and kindhearted dreamers. With the musical soundtrack for the weekend concentrating on an emotive, melodic driven vibe it brings together not only the All Day I Dream label’s diverse roster of global artists but, for the first time, invites headlining bands from the alternative electronic space who fall into the “feels” category. The festival lineup promises a weekend of musical bliss whichever stage you visit.

For reservations, tickets, event inquiries or more information, please visit the All Day I Dream Festival website.

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