All Day I Dream’s Gorje Hewek starts new label, Peace Symphonies

This is primarily an open-minded label, frank, versatile, and multi-genre. It’s about nowadays and tomorrow, absorbing a lot of new ideas and technologies. The main feature is the ability to maneuver between different moods in music and art in general. The way you and I, people, are arranged, this is the philosophy of Peace Symphonies – the whole range of feelings and emotions, everything that gives a sense of fullness and colors. Surface and depth, joy and sadness, happiness, and emptiness. 

For the most part, the label’s music is a bridge or connecting line between two areas of dance music (in the traditional sense) and instrumental music (for example, classical or indie rock). A lot of unusual integrations and collaborations await us. In turn, Peace Symphonies covers are always a series of collaborations with authors of different art movements. There will be both brand new names and well-known ones. The emphasis here will not be on exclusivity or narrowly focused style but the breadth of the worldview. 

For a long time, the classically-trained Gorje Hewek (founder of the label) was an orchestral musician who wrote a lot of instrumental works soundtracks in different genres. At the same time, he toured as a DJ and released dance music (although quite melodic and dreamy). But both sides were carefully insulated from each other and never largely crossed. 

The birth of a new label and new sound was the long experience of finding the perfect elixir and the desire to unite the two spheres. Finding compatible atoms in each and weaving a new round of evolution out of them. Enter, Peace Symphonies. 

About the Author

Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.