Award-winning techno label Alleanza celebrates its fifth anniversary

Built on the small Mediterranean island of Malta, techno label Alleanza moves into their 5th year Anniversary with an outstanding memorandum that reflects a series of achievements fulfilled by this dedicated platform. Owned by the highly acclaimed techno DJ and producer Jewel Kid, Alleanza is now at the peak of its career with fellow teammates Cheryl Falzon and Lenny Chetcuti going all out in taking this energetic brand to higher levels.

Nominated for an IDMA award and crowned twice for being one of the most selling techno labels on Beatport, Alleanza has released some of the most iconic names in today’s electronic music scene, with artists such as Pig & Dan, Popof, Harvey McKay, Joel Mull, Samuel L Session, Luigi Madonna, Alex Bau and Jewel Kid himself, all contributing to this credible platform.

A portfolio which holds Ibiza, Miami, London and Sydney amongst many other cities, Alleanza has been on tour with their brand in some of the most prestigious clubs, showcasing the Alleanza sound that is getting renowned all throughout the globe.

The company is now looking further toward expanding their organisation by revamping their booking agency, opening a new office in Sydney, and starting a thought-provoking touring concept that will soon be revealed. Without skipping a beat, this energetic team keeps on truckin’ to maintain an image while evolving into one of the most valued techno labels of our time.