Alleanza celebrate their 100th release with a best of artists compilation

Great news from one of our favourite techno labels! The team at Alleanza mark a milestone and are set to celebrate their 100th release with a who’s who of electronic music over the last few years which includes 22 of the highest ranking tracks they have had on the label so far, now available on Beatport

Founded in mid 2011 by Maltese musician Jewel Kid, Alleanza has shot its way forward fast in the techno scene, from running a weekly radio show globally, to hosting Alleanza label nights, as well as being a music label filled with the best talents from the business including Enrico Sangiuliano, Jewel Kid, Pig&Dan, Loco & Jam, Matt Sassari, The Yellowheads & more!

Considering Jewel Kid’s exceptional valour in his productions, and the respect other artists have shown for his work, it is highly recommended to keep your eyes, and ears, peeled for Alleanza’s upcoming releases which always tend to showcase some of Jewel Kid’s finest work adding a few guest projects from some of his favourite artists

1. Jewel Kid – Son of Adam
2. Loco & Jam – Trigger
3. Enrico Sangiuliano & Matt Sassari – Aries (Luigi Madonna Remix)
4. The JB Project – Submissive
5. Jewel Kid – Don’t Stay
6. Boris – Can You Hear Me (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
7. Jewel Kid – Arc En Ciel
8. Enrico Sangiuliano – Restlessness
9. Skober – You Want It
10. Jewel Kid – Oh Honey
11. Enrico Sangiuliano – Capernoited (Jewel Kid Rework)
12. Dema, Axel(IT) – Voxal (Hollen Remix)
13. The JB Project – Shake
14. The Yellowheads – Submerged
15. Jewel Kid – Hear Me
16. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Never Hopeless
17. Enrico Sangiuliano – Missile
18. Axel Karakasis – Rugged
19. Loco & Jam – Platform 3
20. Lowkey & Kardinal – Vesperine
21. The Yellowheads – Gliese
22. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Zephyros
23. Tom Hades – Backdoors

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