Alternative chill Producer Nuit Oceān releases his Fire Divine Extended EP

Alternative chill producer Nuit Oceān has released his Fire Divine Extended EP via ROUGE NEON RECORDS. This edition features two stunning new tracks – ‘Fearless’ and ‘Tears’ in addition to the recently released Fire Divine EP tracks.

Nuit Oceān has always carried a wanderlust spirit, born and based in Bordeaux, France but allowing his feet to lead him across the globe. From living and working in London and travelling to both India and his father’s home in the DRC, he has done his best to feed this spirit. His mother, originally from Algeria, infused their home with music as she played the saxophone and ultimately these factors lead to the deep-rooted urge to create beauty and express himself. Nuit Oceān’s sound is refined – with strong parallels to the likes of James Blake, Elliot Moss and Chet Faker, however, when seeking inspiration for his goes, the producer goes broad – calling upon the likes of Sade, Nirvana and Justin Vernon.

Known for using the chaos of emotions and emerging them into his downtempo laden sounds, Nuit Oceān has on his own work – expanding to include another two mesmerising singles in his repertoire. The two songs portray the two major stages of heartbreak with ‘Tears’ delving into disappointed and melancholic tones. ‘Fearless’, on the other hand, talks of rebirth and rebuilding after the loss. A low, determined atmosphere permeates throughout – embracing the dark and turbulent emotions and allowing them to develop into an eerie single. 

Speaking of the extended EP and everything it means, Nuit Oceān tells us: “Two more tracks to go to the end of the story. Two songs that answer each other, two sides of the same coin. A diptych with the allure of resurrection. I sing of chaos, then rebirth. ‘Tears’ tells the story of disappointment and heartbreak pain and the song seeks deliverance in its vocal heights. The single ‘Fearless’ tells us the story of a man standing up again. An electronic downtempo fresco carried by a modern and dark bass. I maintain a land of contrasts: the more I speak of hope, the more granular and textured my compositions become. Even in my chosen name: melancholy is inherent in my quest for light.”

Fire Divine Extended EP Tracklisting
1. Roses
2. Fire Divine

3. Wounds

4. Only Love We Had feat. SAUVANE

5. Calling Out Your Name

6. Too Late

7. Through My Eyes

Bonus Tracks:

8. Fearless

9. Tears

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