Amsterdam based duo Around Us release debut album on Manual Music

Making their debut on Manual Music, Amsterdam based duo Around Us present their album ‘Reaching Home’.

Following releases on Click Records, Clubsonica, Freegrant Music, and Manual Music’s progressive-minded MNL division, Around Us now unleashes a staggering eighteen-track storyteller that showcases the duo’s seductive and free-flowing sound.

Leading up to its release, Around Us has been sharing a string of EPs and singles (including ‘Until Fall’, ‘Absolute’, ‘Homecoming’, and ‘Undiscovered Times’) with music featured on the ‘Reaching Home’ LP. The rest of the album is comprised of unreleased cuts, completing the duo’s sonic narrative.

Around Us has ventured further with ‘Reaching Home’, into a time of true innovation, traversing a multitude of realms and dimensions, while excelling throughout.

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