Amsterdam Dance Event is on!

ADE Festival will continue to take place as planned from 13th-17th of October, despite the newly announced Covid restrictions in the Netherlands, among which is the mandate that clubs, venues and indoor events are forced to close between 00:00 and 06:00.

Although directors Meindert Kennis and Jan-Willem van de Ven are baffled by the new set of regulations, the ADE team sees no objection against a solid and safe ADE Festival in accordance with the current restrictions. Over the coming days, the organisation and the city council are examining the details of the new regulations for each type of event within the total ADE offering.

“Although as of now a limited number of events have unfortunately been forced to cancel, plenty of organisers are still willing to go forward to have an amazing ADE Festival this year,” co-director Jan-Willem van de Ven stated.The directors feel immensely supported by the positive energy and the resilience shown by Amsterdam’s nightlife:

“Ever since the press conference, we have been overloaded with messages from organisers willing to do everything they can to push forward with their events within the current measures,” added co-director Meindert Kennis. “And we want to do everything we can to support them in their efforts to get the live industry moving again.”

Credit Coen van Tartwijk

ADE Conference due to months of regulatory uncertainties up until four weeks before the event, paired with strict conditions surrounding international travel, the renowned ADE conferences have been forced to cancel.

“The decision to postpone ADE Pro, for many music professionals the most important business moment in the year, was especially difficult in the time that the industry needs it the most,” said the directors. “On top of that, we need all of our available resources to coordinate the ADE Festival events as efficiently, and to the best of our ability, within the few weeks we have left.” 

ADE Pro conference ticket buyers will be contacted with more info in the coming days.About ADE The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), an initiative of Buma, has grown into the world’s largest and most influential club-based festival and conference for electronic music.

The event continues to grow and develop each year, with last year’s edition featuring over 2,500 artists and 600 speakers in almost 200 venues. The five-day event attracts visitors from over 146 countries and features every conceivable aspect of electronic music culture, with dedicated conference programming, an extensive arts & culture program, live music and DJ/artist performances, all spread across the city of Amsterdam. More information about ADE can be found here