Anamorphic 3D Graffiti By Truly Design Transforms Abandoned Places And Interiors

Founded by four young and talented graffiti artists, Truly Design is a group of urban artists known for their mind numbing graffiti, illustrations, murals and branding design that appeals to youth especially. Truly Design has created anamorphic paintings in abandoned factories, regenerated industrial spaces & museums and their clients list include many huge brands including Adobe, Samsung, Peroni, Budweiser, Fiat, Nikon & more.

Among other sort of artworks by the group, Truly Design’s anamorphic artworks have been appreciated throughout the world and the reason behind that is their level of detail, technical complexity and precision that the group has developed over the years of art experience. Truly Design’s 3d graffiti works start with a detailed study of the location which follows its recreation in digital 3D which helps them understand how to create the coolest interaction. In this phase, they also involve design architects to give their artwork an extra boost of perfection.

Once the plan is created, the artists group creates the pencil sketches on wall and prepares the preview of graffiti. Almost all the artworks come up far better than their actual previews.
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Source [Bored Panda]

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