Andaman delivers tribal drums and interstellar mood layers with his latest release ‘Parallel Vision’

Artist: Andaman
Title: Parallel Vision
Label: Ovunqve
Release Date: 19-06-2017 (CD LTD+Digital). 
Bandcamp Exclusive
Genre: Techno

Not one for being restrained within the boundaries of specific genre or allowing himself to be defined by a set creative direction, Luca Landolfi [Synthek] produces melodic yet energetic techno, infused with deep warm dub beats and tracks laced with glitchy, galactic soundscapes that propel the listener into the heights of aural stratospheres.

After 365 days a side project under the guise of Andaman, Luca has nurtured a selection of tracks that fall under no specific genre onOvunqve.  It is always refreshing to hear productions that have made the cut as a collective for an EP of their own. And this certainly didn’t disappoint.

Andamans productions of interstellar moody layers, tribal drums, and full bass lines deliver this diverse and somewhat experimental EP perfectly titled ‘Parallel Vision’.

The perfect soundtrack to pop on, kick back and lose yourself to.

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About the Author

After growing up in the UK from the age of 15 started going to illegal raves and witnessed the likes of Carl Cox and Sasha, Darren Emmerson, Digweed etc in the early days 1990-94 and loves being sent music from all over the globe from artists to listen to and give my opinion - purely based on my uploads of music and my own personal opinions