Norwegian Anders flying high with a new release on Cinematique

Artist: Anders
Title: Gledens EP
Label: Cinematique
Cat no: CIN072
Genre: Melodic Techno

Very few may know that Cinematique is a spankingly fresh sister concern of the now famous Manual Music record label, and is an official face for many open minded producers of the scene, those who are pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. In this case, they welcome as a first timer Norwegian musician Anders in their midst with a three tracker EP titled – Gledens.

First one to ride – Axemax, is quite an admirable excursion in to restrained, detailed minimalism. There’s a multi layered, deep synth swell, and cluttered percussion add color. The crisp simple beats happen to be unusually funky while the nervous quivering metallic bass lends a weird tension all around. The large pad stabs are pulsing gore for the ears.

Pas gives one a sense of urgency, and Anders plays it cleverly from here adding and subtracting gradual percussive layers, and that elephantine dramatic horn stab goes all over the place. In parts eerie, in parts friendly, the bass line stands as a soft guard against a novelty back ground. Not sure whether one can dance to this, but does its job of keeping the pack interesting.

T-Rax has mechanical bass stabs and another one of those creeping ominous melodic lines that grow just about as the track progresses. The culling insides spit out embers of tension racked synth appeal. By the end of it, it’s all familiar and sits well in the release. Providing a lone remix for the same, Axemax treats the tune with a bubbling bass. The percussion quality is somewhat dampened in this version, which does enhance the subtlety of the move, yet all the rest of the elements from the original come right back at ya.

All in all, I am left with confusion about whether this EP goes for the main room, or the back, but in a way, maybe that’s good.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.