Andhim – We thought about it and we never really had the right answer for them, what is it? Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno or whatever. And then we said, it’s Supahouse!

It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their ass into gear and get out of their Studio to bring their beats to the world. Their sound, which they self-describe as “Super House” has become its very own genre built from their soul and passion. Andhim’s unique sound, party proven and of reduced nature, is organic with an emphasis in the finer detail. The boys grassroots flow from Hip-Hop, and they work mainly with samples which makes their tracks one of a kind. This individuality has earned them a home with Labels such as Monaberry, Terminal M or Sunset Handjob.

When performing live one can really feel the full commitment and passion of the boys. Energetic, creative and always entertaining, they present their very own interpretation of electronic dance music that makes dads cheer and mums scream. The boys see the record player as their instrument, which they use to create new sound worlds, which separates them from the standard reproductive character of a DJ.

Canadian writer Peter Damian met the pair at Hideout Festival for a brief chat about how they met, supahouse and more.

Hello Gentlemen, thanks for taking the time. How did you first meet, and what inspired you about one another to make music together?

Simon: We first met at a turntableism contest in 2006, in Cologne… like the German championship of DJing, like real DJing, like not mixing, not drinking. And we met on the toilet where we shared the same toilet seat.
Tobias: Because we wanted to save water…
Simon: You know the Germans, we’re all about the environment, it’s very important to us. So we shared the same toilet seat and said, hey, why not share the studio together and make music.

So, Supahouse, you describe your music as Supahouse. What is Supahouse to you?

Simon: Supahouse is a genre we created on our own because everybody was asking us “what kind of music are you doing?”
Tobias: Everybody was creating a genre.
Simon: And we thought about it and we never really had the right answer for them, what is it? Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno or whatever. And then we said, it’s Supahouse, it’s our own thing. Cause you can hear it’s an anthem track whether it’s deep, or happy or slow or fast, so it’s Supahouse.

You have roots in Hip Hop, how does Hip Hop inspire your Supahouse?

Tobias: When it comes to production, definitely still all the sampling, cause we use a lot of samples in every production, defiantly more samples than synthesizers or plugins.

What are your favourite two pieces of gear right now, for sampling or any aspect of your production?

Tobias: Just Cubase and no sampler, we just cut it and add it, other is too much work.

So you have fans all over the world, what is the craziest sign of appreciation a fan has given you?

Tobias: Tattoos
Simon: Yeah, we have a lot of fans tattooing our name, our logo, one girl has our faces on her back. There’s fans with track names written on them, like: “Reeves” or “Boy Boy Boy” so there are a lot of tattoos which is crazy.
Tobias: Super Crazy
Simon: (Laughing) Besides all the sex offers, I would have to say the tattoos are the craziest signs of appreciation.

What are your first memories of House music, or electronic music?

Simon: That’s a hard question… I was probably socialized by my friends who were all listening to French House, like late ‘90s or so. Suff like Stardust and Goulet and all these labels.
Tobias: I can still remember the first moment I heard, Da Funk by Daft Punk on a radio station in ’97. They played it on the Radio, and before that, it was Happy Hardcore and really bad Hardcore Techno that you listened to when you were a teenager.
Simon: I remember, when I was the age of 11 or 12 my wish for Christmas was a Techno compilation called “Tribe House” which was actually a club in the west of Germany in the ‘90s, because in the TV there were all these commercials for Trance compilations and even Hardcore and Thunderdome with is just crazy German taste of music. I remember my brother was I don’t know, a Technohead or something, but he had a mixtape. I was 10 or 11 and there were tracks with a Freddy Krueger sample, strange stuff.

andhim 3 decoded

Let’s say you were on a long flight, don’t really have a lot of energy and you have to jump on the decks. What are two go to tracks to get you in the groove?

Simon: Boy Boy Boy, and Girl Girl Girl, the secret track we’ve never released! haha

What can we look forward to in 2016 coming from Andhim?

Simon: We’re touring a lot, we play a lot of festivals throughout the summer, we throw a lot of our own parties, the Supafriends parties we started about one and a half years ago. Also in London in October. And there’s some remixes coming out, about 3 or 4 remixes we did and we just finished some originals, so there’s a lot of new music coming out, a lot of festivals and a lot of Supafriends parties.

And finally, if you weren’t DJing what do you think you’d be doing professionally?

Simon: Bodybuilder
Tobias: Hair model (Laughs)… actually, beard model
Simon: beard model and bodybuilder. I think we could get rich doing these things, yeah?
Tobias: …definantly!

You can catch Andhim at the Social Festival on September 9th.

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